Frequently Asked Questions // Students

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Status: 27/03/2020

What is the current situation at the university?
All lectures and seminars as well as examinations have been discontinued. Students have been instructed not to enter the university grounds. The university is closed to the public. However, university operations are being continued as far as possible, and employees can be reached by email. In some cases it is also possible to arrange consultation appointments. These regulations will initially remain in force until 19 April.

When will the examinations be held?
The new dates have already been fixed for all faculties. Information is given on the respective faculty pages of the website. Online registration has been activated.

Do I have to register or deregister for the examinations?
It is not necessary to deregister. All registrations have been cancelled. You will be informed in good time as soon as new examination dates have been specified. You will then be able to register for these new dates. No-one will be automatically registered for the new dates unless mandatory registration is stipulated (FB07).

Will the semester be extended? 
The universities in NRW, together with the State Ministry for Culture and Science (MKW), have agreed to postpone the start of the lecture period. According to current plans, the courses will therefore not start until April 20. It has also been decided that the lecture period will still end on 17 July, so the semester will be shortened.

Have the deadlines for assignments been postponed?
Not necessarily. Our professors are making every effort to find individual solutions. It goes without saying that assignments or theses cannot be handed in on time if you are not allowed to enter the laboratories or if you do not receive any literature.

Can I still hand in my bachelor thesis/assignment?
Please contact your examiner to discuss a digital submission. Upload possibilities should be used whenever possible.

Will colloquia take place?
No, these are also face-to-face events. To discuss a digital alternative, please contact your examiner.

Will there be online lectures and seminars?
No general regulations currently apply. Please check your account regularly to see if your lecturers have provided you with content and work assignments online.

Is material being made available on Moodle?
We are working on making as much digital content as possible available to you. Please also read the news from your faculty.

Will my block seminar take place?
No, all face-to-face events at the university have been cancelled until April 19.

Are the buildings/learning landscapes still open?
The university is closed to the public. The learning landscapes and libraries are closed.

Are the cafeterias open?
The cafeterias are closed.

How can I now contact the university's counselling services?
An overview of all contact options is available here:

Is the library open?
All three university libraries will be closed from 17 March until 19 April. The library is currently planning a postal delivery service for urgently needed literature. Further information will follow. The library has already posted answers to initial questions on its website:

I am currently doing an internship/dual studies at a company, etc. What should I do now?
Please contact your employer so that you can arrange individually whether and how you can continue working. You can also always contact your supervising faculty or professor if you have any questions.

Are the language courses being held?
No, all face-to-face events at the university have been cancelled until April 19.

I am a student assistant. What applies in my situation?
Student assistants should also stay away from the university. The contracts will not be terminated.

I get BAföG, how does the situation affect me?
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has decided that BAföG recipients should not suffer any disadvantages. For detailed information go to: