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Frequently Asked Questions // Students

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Dear Students,

We have put together a list of FAQs for your information.

We will continue to focus on answering as many questions as possible. We hope that you understand that finding some solutions will still take some time. 

Please check this website daily for the latest information.

Status: 1st September 2021

What is the current situation at the University?
The winter semester of 2021/22 will once again be a more on-campus semester. This means that most events and courses for up to 50 people will be held on the University campus. All events and courses for more than 50 people will still be held online.

How do I get into the university buildings?
Most buildings have reopened. The 3G rule (German for Geimpft, Genesen, Getestet) also applies to us. This means that anyone wishing to enter the college buildings must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. This will be checked at the entrances.

I'm not vaccinated. Where can I get tested?
There will be test centres at the college campuses where you can get tested for free. If your test is negative, you can then enter the building.

Where do I still have to wear a mask?
Masks are not required on the outdoor campus. They must, however, be worn indoors. There is no obligation to wear a mask while seated during lectures and seminars or at the learning workstations, provided that the minimum distance is observed.

How is access to the buildings controlled?
At the moment we have appointed a security service to whom you must show your certificate (vaccinated, recovered, tested) without being asked. We are currently working on a technical access solution.

Are the learning landscapes and libraries open?
Yes. For more information visit:

Which rules apply in the libraries?
Extended opening hours will be in effect once more for the campus libraries as of 20 September.
Access to the shelves will once more be possible.
A limited number of learning workstations will be available.
Students will be able to use the printing and copying facilities in all campus libraries.
It is not possible to use the group study rooms.
Please observe the following hygiene and safety instructions:

  • Access to the library is only available to those who are recovered, fully vaccinated or tested. Please bring the appropriate proof of vaccination/recovery or antigen/PCR test and a valid identification document (ID card, passport or similar).
  • Please disinfect your hands in the library entrance area.
  • Please continue to wear medical masks. It is permitted to remove masks at learning workstations.
  • The distance rule of 1.50 metres must be observed

When will the cafeterias open again?
We do not have any concrete information from the student unions at the moment, but we assume that the cafeterias will also be opening soon.

Is there still contact tracing in place?
There will not be any more general contact tracing as was previously in place. There is no longer any legal basis for this. Decisions will be made in individual cases by the health authorities.

How can I contact the University's counselling services?
An overview of all contact options is available here: