Studying at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences - "Fachbereich Sozialwesen"

Our degree programmes are designed to meet academic and practical demands so that you can achieve the best performance in your working life. Lectures and seminars will provide basic and specific knowledge - based on relevant social science theories and current research findings - as well as methods and didactics so you can perform professionally within the various fields of Social Work, Education and Management in non-profit organisations. Specific training activities in small groups will help you develop your professional role and apply your skills to a variety of different user groups and institutional contexts.


Academic standards are based in social work science, in interdisciplinary collaboration, ethical research and social work principles as well as in a commitment to the joint dissemination of theory and practice.

International Students

International Students are very welcome...

  • to join in the international activities (English)
  • to spend a study semester at the Hochschule Niederrhein and/or carry out an internship/work placement in the region under the supervision of the Hochschule Niederrhein.

(Language of Instruction and Working Language: German)

Learning and Working Together

The lecturers, teachers and students at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences soon get to know each other as our methodological and training seminars are taught in small groups. This guaranties good quality learning as well as assistance with the choice of study orientation, exam preparations and the process of finding the right professional role.


Further student representatives collaborate within the Faculty Council and have formed various student groups, such as the faculty's student council ('Fachschaftsrat') and the Student Union ('Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss' (AStA). This student organisational structure guarantees that student interests are heard and considered. Everybody is invited to join and collaborate.

Career Opportunities

Our Bachelor's and Master's programmes are designed according to the Bologna requirements and enable students to step from Bachelor to Master, and from Master's degree to PhD programme. This allows successful students to choose and pursue their chosen field and level of professional objectives up to managerial, social policy and academic research related tasks and objectives.


Purchasers and providers in the region - and far beyond - greatly appreciate the students from our faculty - which helps our successful students find good agencies and institutions to work for in Germany and even abroad.

Tradition & Modernity

The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences looks back on 40 years of educational work and research. The first students were taken in for the Diploma in Social Work and Social Pedagogics in 1971, and over the following years, the faculty has taken a leading role in developing social work education and the social work profession in North Rhine Westphalia (and in wider Germany). The BA in Social Work holds one of the very top ranking places in Germany to this very day.


Being aware of societal changes and following specific challenges and demands, additional degree programmes have been designed and installed - such as the BA in "Cultural Education" and the BA in "Early Childhood Education" as well as the Master's programmes in the fields of "Social Management", "Psychosocial Counselling and Mediation" and in "Cultural Education and Cultural Management". All the degree programme designs meet the Bologna criteria and thus help students build their professional and academic career up to the achievement of a PhD via graduation programmes in cooperation with various universities.