Sales and Marketing
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Hochschule Niederrhein. Your way.
Hochschule Niederrhein Studiengang Sales & Marketing
Hochschule Niederrhein Studiengang Sales & Marketing


Overview of the degree programme

  • Course language: English 
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts, B.A.
  • Standard time to degree: Six semesters, of which one is a compulsory semester or internship abroad
  • Start of the degree programme: Winter semester 
  • Place of study: Mönchengladbach 
  • Type of programme: Full-time 
  • Admission capacity per semester/year: 60 students 
  • Application procedure: Regular application according to numerus clausus procedure for the winter semester
  • Number of ECTS points awarded: 180 
  • Modules: Five categories – Business administration skills, key qualifications, languages, international competence, practical projects 
  • Available languages: Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Russian, German 
  • Prospective accreditation by AQAS, Cologne (in process)
Hochschule Niederrhein Studiengang Sales & Marketing

Your profile

You are about to make the most important decision of your life and are wondering if our Sales and Marketing degree programme is just right for you? Whether you will be able to develop your strengths and talents in the best possible way and what your career opportunities really look like after graduation?

In addition to intercultural skills, international experience and exciting projects, you will learn in a practical and future-oriented way how to successfully develop markets and target groups and how to generate long-term enthusiasm for your company by applying efficient communication and sales strategies. 

Sounds interesting?

Our degree programme is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for an innovative, English-language degree programme and your English skills are compatible (at least level B2) 
  • You would like to gain valuable experience during a semester or internship abroad 
  • You are open, curious and motivated 
  • The traditional “chalk and talk” style of teaching doesn’t appeal to you
  • You would like to work in an international company or go abroad for professional reasons 
  • You want to play a concrete role in shaping digitisation and its influence on companies 
  • Your strengths include teamwork and commitment
  • You are willing to enter a creative professional field that offers you good opportunities for development and a high level of personal responsibility
Hochschule Niederrhein Studiengang Sales & Marketing

Hochschule Niederrhein. Your Way.

Sales and Marketing Bachelor's degree programme

  • Innovative, English-language degree programme 
  • Strongly competitive specialisation in sales & marketing 
  • High ratio of practical work, hybrid teaching and learning scenarios, working in small groups 
  • Innovative teaching methods with problem-based learning 
  • International experience during a semester or internship abroad 
  • Intensive supervision by lecturers as coaches & supporters

Become an expert and stand out from the competition.
Make your way. Internationally.

Your path at the Hochschule Niederrhein

We accompany, support and coach you on your personal path to an international academic education that is geared to the future. 
We support you with innovative learning methods, a high level of practical content and digital elements that involve you and promote your independence. 
We will show you how you can assert yourself in a digital environment and gain international competence. 

While studying for your degree you acquire

  • Broad knowledge and skills in marketing, sales and business administration 
  • The ability to confidently use English and another language in a working environment 
  • Outstanding soft skills - by learning how to solve conflicts with a result-based approach, to meet deadlines and to develop and present solutions independently 
  • Self-confidence and self-assurance, which help you to overcome boundaries and solve professional problems independently 
  • Intercultural competence that enables you to act professionally on an international level 
  • A digital edge that enables you to become a digital leader and successfully assert yourself in the age of digital transformation with its challenges 
  • A career advantage


The degree programme at the University

With currently 14,215 students, the Hochschule Niederrhein is one of the largest and most powerful universities for applied sciences in Germany with campuses in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. With its problem and transfer based research it is an innovative source of inspiration for the region's companies and ensures that our society is well prepared to face the challenges of the future.

Studying today: The standard time to degree is currently three years for most Bachelor's programmes. The exact duration of the programme is directly related to the acquired ECTS credits. These points of the European Credit Transfer System evaluate the time and effort spent on studies, and one ECTS point represents approximately 30 working hours. A total of 180 ECTS are required for the Sales and Marketing Bachelor of Arts qualification. The aim of the system is to place academic achievements on a level playing field within the EU. In this way we can guarantee that our graduates are optimally prepared for their international career path. However, the ECTS points do not provide any information about your child's performance which is assessed with classic grades during the course of study. All grades awarded for academic performance are included in the final grade.
Our Sales and Marketing degree programme is subject to an admission restriction according to numerus clausus procedures, as not all applicants can be admitted if there are more applications than places. Available places are allocated to the high school graduates with the best average final grades.

However, please don’t be discouraged! The NC procedure serves as orientation and so your child should always submit an application and regard the numerus clausus as learning motivation.

Practical study focus. Secure the future.

The Bachelor's degree is the first, basic degree that students can acquire at the University. During their studies students learn the basics of the subject taught by the Faculty which are then trained in intensive practical projects. Great emphasis is also placed on acquiring excellent soft skills such as time management and teamwork as well as building professional self-confidence.

Our courses convey theory and also prepare your child for practical professional work in the best possible way. For your child this means that the foundations for their future career are laid with lectures, seminars, practical projects as well as during a semester abroad.
During the programme we not only pursue interactive teaching and learning goals with problem-based learning approaches, but also guarantee that students receive close and concentrated attention from our lecturers who also act as coaches and supporters. In this way we can ensure that your child has a quick and uncomplicated start in their future careers.

We believe that with the new Sales and Marketing Bachelor of Arts degree programme we can offer our students – your children – exactly the right course of study that will provide the best possible career opportunities and open all doors on the international stage. This degree programme requires dedication and commitment, placing your child at the centre of focus and creating the basis that allows students to become experts and stand out from the competition.

Help your child to make the right choice. 
Choose the innovative, English-language Sales and Marketing Bachelor's degree programme now. 
A new way to learn.