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Please find enclosed actual information about your courses and organzational issues. Check frequently for actualisation.

Termine Prüfungen / Dates for Examinations

3. Prüfungsphase / 3rd examination period 2017

Anmeldephase / application period: 3.9. - 10.9.2017

Prüfungsphase / examination period: 25.9. - 4.10.2017


WS 2017/18

Anmeldephase / application period: 26.11. - 10.12.2017

Prüfungsphase / examination period: 29.1. - 16.2.2018


SS 2018

Anmeldephase / application period: 27.5. - 10.6.2018

Prüfungsphase / examination period: 14.7. - 28.7.2018


3. Prüfungsphase / 3rd examination period 2018

Anmeldephase / application period: 26.8. - 3.9.2018

Prüfungsphase / examination period: 17.9. - 26.9.2018


WS 2018/19

Anmeldephase / application period: 25.11. - 9.12.2018

Prüfungsphase / examination period: 21.1. - 8.2.2019

WS 2017/18

English Projects Bachelor (3rd sem) and Master WS 17/18

you may now select your priorities for the offered projects up to the 6th of October 12 am.


Course plan WS 17/18

The schedules for the courses in the winter term 2017/18 are published now.

The online application to somme elective courses in the Master and German Bachelor studies is finished. The lists of applicants are send to the lecturer and all further information will be given by them. An application for the electives in the English Bachelor Course TCM is not neccessary.


Seminars FB07

The list of offered seminars FB07 to be used for the "workshop scientific methods" ist now also published in addition to their schedules. The application to these seminars is also possible now up to the 20th of September 12 pm.


"Projects" (5th semester)

The online application is now possible. Please apply up to 9th of July. A late application is possible up to the 2nd of October.

The schedule for "projects" at the beginning of the winter term is as follows:

  • 5th of October 8:15 am: kick-off meeting with compulsory attendence for ALL students (ends app. 12 am)
  • 5th of October 1:00 pm: project information for all team leader (end app 4 pm)
  • 6th of October 8:00 am: first team meetings for all teams with compulsory attendence for ALL students (ends app 3 pm)


Study Work WS 17/18

the final assignement to study works in WS 17/18 is published.

It is now possible to da a late application for those topics which are still available up to the 8th of October. On the 9th of October we will publish the final list of assignments. Now it is on you to contact the supervisors of your topic. From the 18th to the 25th of October you must apply for the examination in your online service. After this period a withdraw from study work is not possible any more.