Admissions Procedure for the Master's Degree Programme

The Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology has changed the admissions procedure for the Master's degree programmes "Textile Produkte" and "Management of Textile Trade and Technology" which will apply from the summer semester 2016. The new procedure is formalised in separate regulations.


Previously the only criterion was the overall grade of the Bachelor's degree and a minimum grade of 2.2 was required. This limit has now been lowered to 2.5 and supplemented by additional criteria.


In addition to the Bachelor's degree grade, a letter of motivation and a R&D project outline must be submitted. For each of these three components an examination committee comprising two lecturers of the Faculty will award points ranging from 0 to 20. The points are added.


The following applies to the Master's Degree Programme "Management of Textile Trade and Technology":

  • At least five points must be achieved in each component.
  • If the total is below 31, the applicant will not be admitted to the Master's degree programme.
  • If the total number of points is 31 or more, the applicant will be accepted.

The requirement that sufficient knowledge of the English language must be evidenced as specified in the examination regulations remains in force.


All details on awarded points and the requirements are contained in the regulations.

The topic of the R&D project can be selected from a list published by the Faculty.

All documents must be filed to the student office by 15 January (application for summer term) or 15 July (application for winter term).