Workshop Scientific Methods

The "Workshop Scientific Methods" is a kind of "container" which can be "filled" with individually selected courses. In total you have to acquire 6 credit points.


The courses you can attend for the Workshop Scientific Methods are either from seminars of the faculty 07 or accepted courses  from the HLL, language courses (not English for students in TCM) and a few elective courses (mostly in German).


"How does it work? - The thing with the Workshop Scientific Methods."

The specific explanations for the handling and a summary of the accepted courses from the HLL and the elective courses, you can find in the link below: "Handeling and course offers for the workshop scientific methods" in the grey shaded box.


There is a "tracking sheet" for the Workshop Scientific Methods. Please print out the tracking sheet, enlist the courses you attend, after the course get the tracking sheet signed by the lecturer (if you attended and passed an exam or if you gained a certificate for the course you don't need to get the signature).


Seminars at Faculty 07

The list of offered seminars by the faculty 07 for the winter term 2017/18 is is published.


Please notice the following regulation: Who got assigned for a seminar and doesn't attend the seminar, without resigning at least 72 hours in advance, gets signed off for all seminars in this semester.

The link to the online form for removal of a seminar will be active when the assignement for the seminars is completed.