Information on the Examination Process and Study Planning

Important Information:

It is not possible for technical and legal reasons to submit applications by email to the Examinations Board, to the Chair of the Examinations Board or to staff of the Examinations Office, to appeal or to make any other Examination Regulations related statements.

Such procedural acts may only be submitted in writing by post or may be put on record orally before the Chair of the Examinations Board or the staff of the Examinations Board.

Information Fair:

Each year, the Chairs of the Examinations Boards offer information fairs on the study and Examination Regulations. Separate fairs are organised for students in their first semester and for students in more advanced semesters. All students who were not able to attend one of these, or who would simply like to read the regulations through once again, can take the opportunity to download copies as PowerPoint files.

Announcements of the Examinations Boards

This is where you can find important announcements of the Examinations Boards.

FAQs on the Examination Regulations

German Bachelor Studies (DPO 2006)

Come and find out more about the various aspects of the Examination Regulations. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for you and provide answers which may be useful to you.

Extract of the examination regulations of the English Studies

English Studies Bachelor and Master

Have a look at the most important parts of the examination regulations, both in German as well in English language.