Important Information

Please take note of the following information when writing your final thesis and please use the listed examples and specimen files.


Prior to the final thesis a few issues have to be clarified.


There is always the question for using the Niederrhein University logo in the final thesis. This is generally forbidden. Here is the position of the Niederrhein University to this topic.


In general the following statement applies for students:

  • The logo of the Niederrhein University may be used only for own official purposes of the university.
  • Outside the Niederrhein University the logo may be used only by cooperation partners with whom there exists an official cooperation agreement (for example in research and training).
  • For this purpose there is a user contract (in German):
  • A Bachelor or Master thesis is the property of the student or graduate and is not an official document. Therefor the logo may not be placed on these papers in any case.

We have compiled some information for you on questions relating to the examination regulations for the final thesis and to the formal structural requirements of the final thesis (style guide). You can download the requirements from here as a PDF file.

Poster Requirements

In compliance with a resolution adopted by the Faculty Council, each Bachelor's, Master's or Diplom thesis must include a one-page poster produced in German and English.

The following links give you the opportunity to read or download the requirements.


Final Theses

This section gives you the opportunity to browse through a list of final theses produced at our faculty over recent years.


Some important comments and information on the listed Bachelor's, Master's and Diplom theses:


  • Most of our Bachelor's, Master's and Diplom theses are produced in collaboration with companies working in business and industry. Hence, the subject matter often includes the company's in-house information and contains new, innovative approaches, which naturally, must not be revealed to the general public. This is why many of the theses are "confidential" and so are not generally accessible and cannot be taken out on loan. If you have any questions relating to the topic area, please contact the author of the thesis direct.
  • In particularly critical cases, not even the publication of the topic is allowed here.
  • In principle, Bachelor's, Master's and Diplom theses are not lent out. Theses that are not treated as "confidential" may be read.

To gain access, please visit the library or check the online catalogue of the library.