Dual Studies
Textile and Clothing Technology

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Dual Studies

In the dual study course, too, students can choose between two main fields of study: Textile Management and Sustainability and Textile Technologies or Clothing Technology and Product Development.

With its focus on Textile Management and Sustainability, the field textile technologies covers a subject spectrum ranging from the entire textile and finishing technology to quality management, quality assessment and management theories. Other subjects such as organization, marketing and human resources are also taught intensively. Following the Textile Technologies track, students can focus on the technologies of spinning, weaving, knitting, narrow textiles, finishing, and technical textiles.

In the field of clothing technology one of the specialization possibilities is clothing management. Here, engineers are prepared for the versatile technical and managerial tasks of the clothing industry as junior and senior managers. The focus of the study course lies on the areas of manufacturing techniques and production processes for the clothing production. In addition to this, in-depth courses are offered in economical and ergonomical sciences. Students following the other area of specialization, product development, acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in all areas of clothing construction, such as pattern making, stencilling, model construction and fitting control.

Under the menu item "Dual Studies" on the right-hand side, you will find the curriculum, information flyers and training professions offered, for which you would have to take care of the contracts yourself. Please note the information there about possible apprenticeships or employers who are subject to the “Tarifverträge der Länder” (TVL) (“collective agreement of the states”), changed in law since 01.08.2020.

Under the menu item "Cooperations", these are not regular training companies for the "dual study" model of our department, but a special offer from these companies: a combination of full-time study at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and practical modules in the company

Textile Technology | Textil Technologies
Linda Colonna, M.Sc. | Graduate

"The combination of theoretical and practice-oriented lectures in the Textile Technology program provides an early insight into later working life. Since completing my master's degree, I have already been able to gain a lot of experience in various professions and am currently working as a product manager in a laminating company. Accompanying production trials is a part of my job that I particularly enjoy, along with technical development and sales of our products.

So, if you would like to do a varied and, above all, practice-oriented job, then the Textile Technology degree program with a focus on textile technologies offers you exactly the right start."