Textile and Clothing Technology
Textile Technology

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Textil Technology

Students who opt for Textile Technology can choose between core study areas in Textile Management and Sustainability or Textile Technologies.

The core study area in Textile Management and Sustainability encompasses a broad spectrum of innovative topics from the entire field of textile technology and management sciences. In Clothing Technology fundamental knowledge and insights are delivered extending from design theory via thread, surface and finishing technologies to quality management and quality assessment of textile materials. Subjects from the field of management theory, such as organisation, marketing and human resources set the key accents in this programme.

Students in the core study area of Textile Technologies acquire a particular knowledge of the relevant technologies used in spinning, weaving, knitting, narrow fabrics, nonwovens and composite materials. Innovative materials are discussed in particular in the field of technical textiles. The complex requirements (origin, ecological footprint, mechanical, thermal and chemical resistances) for the raw materials used as well as for the production processes, manufacturing technologies and circular technologies are part of this specialisation area. The course also imparts essential knowledge for sustainable textile processing: the use of chemicals such as dyes, novel water-saving finishing processes for fashionable jeans, or manufacturing methods that minimize the discharge of fibrous microplastics into the environment. Valuable basic skills in technology enable engineers to develop new, environmentally friendly products and sustainable processes. Finally, it is important how sustainability can be made visible with the help of eco-labels such as GOTS, green button or Ökotex. That, too, has to be learned.

Double degree

In regards to the Bachelor's degree course, it is possible to obtain the exclusive German-Chinese double degree in "International Textile and Clothing Management" in cooperation with the Tiangong University, PRC China.

Textile Technology as a dual Study

The course of studies in textile and clothing technology with the focus on textile engineering can also be completed as a dual study program. The dual study combines practice and theoretical knowledge in a unique way. In parallel to the undergraduate studies, the students are going through a training course in an industrial company, especially designed to complement the studies.

Textile Technology | Textile Technologie
Britta Stern

"After my training as a tailor, I wanted to continue my education in the field of textiles. That's how I became aware of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and quickly realized that textiles involve so much more than just clothing. In the textile technology major, I can live out my interest in science and technology, and I particularly like the many internships and the opportunity to follow every step in the textile chain and get up close and personal. Above all, the elective courses allow me to be particularly broadly positioned and to look a little beyond the horizon of my major field of study - so creativity is not neglected either. The field of textiles is often reduced to clothing, but I can only advise anyone who is interested in something more technical not to be put off by this - there are so many more possibilities in this exciting field!"


Textile Technology | Textile Technologie
Ruth Neumeier | M. Sc. | Graduate

Development Engineer at Müller Textil Group

"During my studies for a Bachelor's degree in Textile Technologies, I was particularly enthusiastic about the construction of textile surfaces such as woven fabrics. In the course of my master's degree, I intensified my knowledge in the field of warp knitting and subsequently applied to the Müller Textile Group, the world's leading producer of spacer fabrics. There, I have been working as a development engineer on a wide variety of projects since 2018, where I am primarily involved in the design of spacer fabrics and accompany the entire product development process from the first yarn order to series production. In close cooperation with the sales, machine technology and quality departments, innovative and customer-specific products are developed in Wiehl our development site, which are then mass-produced at one of our worldwide production facilities and produced to customer specifications. Due to the complexity of these technical textiles, this is a challenging, exciting and varied job."

Textile Technology | Textile Management
Lucas Lu, B.Sc. I Graduate

Head of Department, Strategic and Operational Pricing at WÜRTH in Shanghai, China

"The textile management major at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences prepared me very well for my professional life thanks to the interdisciplinary knowledge imparted. Natural science focuses such as chemistry and physics as well as the handling of machines are very advantageous for my current job in a German company based in China, as it allows me to understand the overall processes and sales products much better, even if the company is not in the textile industry. I can only recommend everyone to use their studies for a practical semester. At the time, it helped me to properly apply the skills I had learned and to build up a "career plan". It also made it easier for me to start my job, as I was taken on directly by my employer. Studying at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences taught me to learn independently and motivated me a lot. I can only recommend prospective students to take as much as they can from their studies and try out as much as they can!”

Textile Technology | Textil Technologies
Linda Colonna, M.Sc. | Graduate

"The combination of theoretical and practice-oriented lectures in the Textile Technology program provides an early insight into later working life. Since completing my master's degree, I have already been able to gain a lot of experience in various professions and am currently working as a product manager in a laminating company. Accompanying production trials is a part of my job that I particularly enjoy, along with technical development and sales of our products.

So, if you would like to do a varied and, above all, practice-oriented job, then the Textile Technology degree program with a focus on textile technologies offers you exactly the right start."