Research and Development

Applied research plays an important role at the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology. It is a driving force for intensive collaboration with business and industry as well as for high-quality academic education and training, particularly in the Masters' programmes.

Transcending Borders

The research and development projects addressed at the faculty are just as diverse and versatile as is the range of teaching. In organisational terms, this extends from major externally-funded projects through to many different concrete innovations produced in companies within the scope of the graduation theses. In terms of content, these cover the whole textile chain from fibres through to the final, ready-to-wear textiles and their marketing. True to its vision of "Transcending Borders", the faculty applies the whole breadth of its skills and competencies, to create new developments, including at the particularly interesting interfaces between academic disciplines.


Research fields

Typical examples of research fields include.

Innovative novel textile structures

Scientists develop innovative, novel textile structures to create three-dimensional fabrics with enhanced protective functions. Three-dimensional knits, hosieries, and fabrics are integrated in learning supported clothing.

Nanotechnological finishing processes

Our scientists address nanotechnological finishing processes that equip fabrics with previously undreamt of functionalities. Light-emitting elements and coatings deliver astonishing functions and aesthetic features.

Mass customization

The research here aims to optimise the made-to-measure, ready-to-wear clothing market in the tricky field of womenswear with its trend towards increasing individualisation.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

RFID is revolutionising the logistics of clothing manufacturing with RFID Technology applications.

CAD in all fields

Our research deals with Computer Aided Design and Modelling applications for products of all kinds. These methods have become so important in many fields of science that it is hard to imagine life without them.

eBusiness embarks on new routes

Our team develops new technologies for use at the Point of Sale and in eBusiness, thereby creating new paths for delivering products to customers and clients.

Research Institute

In organisational terms, the faculty pools its key research activities in the FTB - Research Institute for Textiles and Clothing at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. Its publications and websites provide information on the latest projects, on the FTB's structure and on opportunities for engaging in cooperation and collaboration.