On June 5, 2018, an extraordinary finissage of the exhibition MaterialANSICHTEN (materialVIEWS) took place in the Haus der Wirtschaft in the center of Stuttgart:

The material prize of the material library raumPROBE OHG in Stuttgart, which has since been awarded since 2013, was awarded to 31 prize winners in a very inspiring exhibition at the Design Center Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.

Among the 118 nominated submissions, which created a section in the exhibition MaterialANSICHTEN (materialVIEWS), were also two exhibits by master students from the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology.
Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs of the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein had been able to animate students of the master's program "Textile Products Design" to participate in this competition: "The evening of the award ceremony showed the potential of the experimental researching talents in design, especially in the field of process engineering for can contribute the materials of the future, whose solutions could be both smart and sustainable in use. "

a textile sense of light

The textile designer Theresa Scholl was represented with a new architectural and interior design solution, which is being developed in cooperation with the lighting design office Ulrike Brandi Licht GmbH (Hamburg). The "a textile sense of light" design was developed as an innovative, individual textile shading system for the daylight situation of a room. The double-sided (curtain) knits are made on an electronic knitting machine and have two appealing product pages. By means of binding technique a variance of two and three-dimensional structures up to wrinkles can be realized. Each bond has different light-conducting properties. The knits have low elongation and a firm grip. They meet the requirements for curtain materials of fire protection class I.

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Sketch Architectural Application
Knitted fabric, raw materials
Knitted fabric, red color sketch
Preparation for the material library

Overview of the individual knits and colors.


Textile designers Evgenia Guliev and Corinna Marmetschke submitted their experimentally and soundly developed "MeshRoom" design, which was developed for the use of interior design projects (as well as shoes). Due to the almost zero energy requirement and the natural properties of the mycelium, such as water and fire resistance, this conceptual product offers many possibilities in interior design. The organic structure ensures sound insulation and an appealing haptic. The sealing with natural rubber ensures longevity as well as biodegradability. A variant with partial sealing is suitable for exterior applications, whereby "mesh room" with natural rubber offers the consumer a filigree, vertical mushroom garden.

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Voices for the materialPREIS 2018

Since its inception, materialPREIS (materialPRIZE) has been the only award in the architecture and design industry to focus on the development, planning and use of special materials. The high quality and innovative strength has made the materialPREIS (materialPRIZE) a seal of approval right from the start. In the professional world, the submissions and, above all, the award winners are very positively received and considered in detail. "(Cf.: Materialpreis, raumPROBE, s.u.)

All nominated and excellent material innovations will be included in the material library and the corresponding material database - from raumPROBE, as well as "Mesh-Room" and "a textile sense of light".