Smart Textiles

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Smart textiles at the HSNR

For many decades, textiles have been as much a part of the Lower Rhine as mining is of the Ruhr area. The only difference here is that structural change has been successful within the textile industry. The most recent example: the textile Innovatorium with its Smart Textiles.

The Department of Textile and Clothing Technology, where the Textile INNOVATORIUM is located, has many years of experience in the field of smart textiles and functional coatings. On the one hand, various Smart Textiles prototypes and the technologies behind them are presented at the fair, especially for the key technology of medical technology and protective clothing systems.

On the other hand, close cooperation exists at the university between the departments of textile and clothing technology and electrical engineering and computer science, so that individual electronic components have also been realized on and from textiles, which will be presented during the fair. These include flexible and organic light-emitting devices on textiles as well as textile batteries, solar cells and sensors.