Conductive yarns and textiles

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The textile handle - coated yarns

Yarn Coating through Magnetron Sputtering



To develop very thin and very defined silver layers on monfilaments for filament-based electronic components, e.g. transistors, we use the Magnetron Sputter Deposition at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. A cylindrical sputter source enables the uniform coating of cylindrical substrates.

Metallization of yarns by electroless deposition

Starting with a metal salt solution, we deposit metallic layers based on a redox reaction directly onto yarns and textile surfaces.

Besides copper, we coat yarns with gold, nickel, silver and zinc oxide.

The best of electrical engineering and textile

Electro-conductive, hybrid spun yarns



In our spinning laboratory we have various spinning processes at our disposal to produce hybrid yarns. In addition to the ring spinning process, the hollow spinning process has also been successfully used to produce hybrid, electro-conductive yarns in various finenesses and electrical resistances.