The interdisciplinary design project >Textile ArchiSculpture< (2018/19) (original >Textile ArchiSkulptur< ) is connected to a research work by Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs, highlights the textile heritage in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and connects the textile expertise of Europe. On the one hand it analyses concise textile industry locations within the scope of the textiles studies which count as textile heritage of technological history and one the other hand it refers to the relevance of representatives of textile production facilities and their special correlation among each other. The characteristic of the textile heritage becomes visible in cities by the help of architecture, industrial culture, textile product design but also via the resumes of dedicated textile sponsors and drivers... for innovative design; all of these parameters are in relation to each other - also in a future digital (production-) world. 


The topic >Textile ArchiSculpture< pursues the textile industrial culture and the textile architecture by exploring and connecting Europe's light houses of the textile industry: Krefeld, Bielefeld, Mönchengladbach, Vordemrade - Germany, St. Gallen - Switzerland, Borås – Sweden, Lyon – France, Manchester – Great Britain and many more. These locations serve reserach and inspirational purposes for new textile sustainable solutions: the task for Bachelor and Master students in design is to transfer striking design elements to a mobile textile architecture (for example a pavillion) in parallel to the development of fashion designs (in the form of sports couture). 

Therefore today's textile buildings were investigated in the kick off meeting of the project with the managing director of the company Textilbau GmbH Hamburg, Kim Reinsch, and it was experimented with nylon socks in order to try new shapes and new textile sculptures of architecture. 

Hence today's play with textile sculptures serves, in connection with textile industrial architecture research, the search of connections in the area of NRW and beyond. With this project we would like to connect: partners of the area of NRW and beyond within Europe: Design connects European textile sites via a huge textile cultural heritage, it connects textile experts and textile generations for the digital textile (production-) world of tomorrow in the form of sustainable textile solutions. Textile ArchiSculptures create textile linkages and textile expertise of tomorrow. 


“Design is connecting European textile places and generations for the digital textile world for tomorrow – sustainable textile (inter)cultural value is generating people’s and planet’s profit, nothing else.” (Marina-Elena Wachs, 2017)


TecStyle Vsion in Stuttgart 15.-17. February 2018

in Ausstellung: "Mind NO Gap…“, 23.-26. Mai 2019, NRW Kunstforum, Ehrenhof 2, Düsseldorf.


Manchester School of Art - Conference >textile and place<: 13. April 2018

Prof. Dr. Wachs:
TEXTILES TRACES and Industrial Design Culture - a transdisciplinary look at working conditions, industrial changing and the question of identification of producing and designing people as driver for textile culture.

Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, UK  - The 20th International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education<: 6./7. September 2018

Prof. Dr. Wachs:
veröffentlich in: >Building Community: Design Education for a Sustainable Future<
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