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textile sketching textile
design by "a wo/man not a mannequin"

Keywords as inspiration: Designing the future: sketching in (textile) design, hands-on design versus sketching in Augmented Reality, Gender Mainstreaming, Entrepreneurial mindset in diversity management; wo/men statements in design under the radar: yesterday and today.

Inspiration for the interdisciplinary task of the master students in design theory in WS 2020_21 are the following:

"sketching the world! with your...statement!" We want to design analogously by hand, but also explore concepts for a more physically initiated sketching in virtual space using textile materials and surfaces. A change in the handling of media, objects and the (surrounding) world is obvious. How will we deal with the design process and media in a sustainable way tomorrow after the digitalization phase, which is currently taking place intensively?

When we questioned and merged the various forms of intelligence, such as AI and EQ, and rediscovered the analog values of the sensual in particular, we were also looking for a more tactile, physical, constructive possibility in networked virtual space than has been the case up to now. We found what we were looking for in the VRHQ lab in Hamburg, under the direction of Prof. Roland Greule. A meaningful media and knowledge management in the 21st century challenges us as individuals and as a society in search of future, social, sustainable design solutions.

Furthermore, we are looking for "designer under the radar", not only in history, as Charlotte Perriand shows, but also from the present, such as industrial designer and lighting designer Ulrike Brandi, to make the qualities of these designers visible...

In the course of the winter semester, designs, illustrations and films ... will be added.


Contact: Prof. Dr., Dipl.-Des. Marina-Elena Wachs

... Take a look at the "sustainable materials of the future" that some master students selected for their project in WS 2020_21.
Due to the corona pandemic, the interdisciplinary project actually went differently than planned...

... nevertheless a lot of "hands on" design... and with textile material the sustainable future was also sketched out :)

... be curious to see how the ski and snow outfits and also automotive interior design solutions will continue in the project of the strong women...
Design statements as woman not as mannequin in spring 2021...

We would like to thank our cooperation partners for their material support and for accepting our challenge,
to sketch the materials of the future with us in a new, different way:
Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG Zellner high tex, Zurich Stalder (Switzerland / for delivery to the EU: www.textilecrafts.eu)

Textile sketching textile...


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