TEXTILEPOP is a collaboration with NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Hochschule Niederrhein – University of Applied Sciences and European Guests, which shows all of the possible textile competence fields in Design / Engineering / Management with focus on SUSTAINABILITY within four exposition spaces.
In addition TEXTILEPOP tries to sketch and to research innovative tools of education programs for school and applied solutions for the industry in non-hierarchical format: from school to university, to the circular industry management.
The exposition takes place in the week of the Election of European Parliament: 2019!

The expo „TEXTILEPOP - Europeans together in SUSTAINABLE design / engineering / management“, at NRW-Forum, (Düsseldorf 23rd to 27th of May 2019) will frame the exclusive workshops, guided tours and interaction playground for children.

The four Exposition-Spaces of TextilePop are: (some examples are announced)

_ Light up cultural spaces (Textile Archisculpture, Bauhaus, light solutions... project of linen)

_ Next Material (shoes-innovative product design, cork, natural rubber, mycelium)

_ Save the future (Fashion Management CSR, Zero waste – outfits, environmental pollution by petroleum, production PRO of jeans, aware of bees)

_ Design is music... Europeans united (outfits for children and textile patterns, synaesthesia)

European Guests from UK, Royal College of Art, London and from Sweden will show their perspective on sustainable solutions with cross-cultural views. The opening ceremony of the exposition will take place at the evening of the 24th of May 2019 at 7:00 pm.
The strong European statement of all participants: students, alumni, teacher and experts, during the week of Election of the European Parliament, will express the demand and the willingness of a sustainable, non-hierarchical and well connected „togetherness“ (Richard Sennett). Diversity in a colourful unit and passionated engagement for our sustainable „post digital generation“.

Let’ s work and think together next education areas, learning landscapes of the future for European students and experts for SUSTAINABLE Design / Engineering / Management solutions. new creative landscapes and a new „European togetherness“.


Best your representatives of the organisation committee:
Elise Esser, Katharina Grobheiser, Franziska Poddig, Theresa Scholl, Marina-E. Wachs

All attached Info Cards (IC) correspond to the info cards (catalogue) within the exposition >TextilePop< at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf 2019.

Audio Guide of Exhibits:

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I. Light up cultural spaces
II. Next Material
III. Save the Future
IV. Design is Music

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Exposition/Spaces about "Smart Sustainable Solutions in Design / Engineering / Management: 23.-26. May 2019: NRW Kunstforum Düsseldorf

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