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Water reistant in 2021

>Water reistant in 2021< is a subproject of "Sustainable (Textile) Design Engineering across generations" (Prof. Dr. M.-E. Wachs), which is conceived within the project Education for Sustainable Development (ESD /SDE).

Previous projects:


Other sustainability projects of recent years in the field of R & D projects of the design of the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences:

"The topic "water" is at least as important as gender diversity within the social responsibility and in design / management! We need smart and sustainable process solutions." (Quote: M.E. Wachs, 2020)

Keywords as inspiration:

Sustainability and design attitude: tracking resources. Designing the future means sustainability management; cultural identity - cultural memory - cultural heritage and new smart rituals: yesterday and tomorrow, about "textile engineering" and next level in sustainable packaging design, Fashion- Textile and Packaging - covering?

The interdisciplinary "semester topic" of Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs, on "sketching and greening the (design) future", asks for a greater consumer responsibility, in trade and handling with packaging options and morals: wrapping, wrapping mail that is reused, for Textile, fashion design and packaging design! Likewise landscapes (cf. Christo art action) and buildings evoke a rethinking in the question of "packaging", of smart sustainable covering - a change of the a change in the way we deal with objects and media, for the sake of the (surrounding) world and for the sake of us humans.

An ethically sustainable "material - and cultural behavior" looks at our resources of the future: this semester with focus on water, water shortage, water consumption, processes and rituals with water in the everyday and at holidays. Thus, textile engineering is to lead into the next technical, material, feasible level, when we should avoid organic cotton, for example, and reach for material alternatives. "It's a book about a grassroots movement addressing the global water crisis. [...] In March 2018, the UN Water marked the release of its annual World Water Report with a dire warning: if we don't change our habits, five billion people could face severe water shortages in thirty years. Already today, 3.6 million people live in areas where water is scarce at least one month a year. [...] In addition to water shortages, in many areas of the world people do not have access to clean water." (Maude Barlow, 2020, p. 9 f.)

Meaningful resource and media management (including materials) in the 21st century challenges us as individuals and as a society, in search of future, social, sustainable design solutions. This is a question of identity; the cultural identity of each of us, within a particular culture that asks about origins: our origins are shaped by traditions, rituals, anchored in "cultural memory" (cf.: Jan Assmann). Aleida Assmann also describes how to learn from history. We have to ask ourselves how new smart sustainable processes of action can be designed, new rituals we create.... smart sustainable couple solution are the challenges in design and textile engineering... here next to come during the years 2021/22 by BA- and MA -students...

Interdisciplinary project Prof. Dr. Wachs 2021/22 – WATER RESISTANT

Design in progress

In the following, please see some design drafts as work in progress, by picture, further more - like movies - will be added in the next weeks, as well as our thanks to cooperation partners and sponsors.

Design in progress‘ - within the „Water resistant“ project, it is our goal, to connect generations with the help of design, e.g. children and grand mother / father and transferred to other design applications, sustainable of cause. 

Many thanks for the valuable support on behalf of all involved at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and our experts of tomorrow

Marina-Elena Wachs

We are designing with mineral based pigments

Jana Lewin, student of Master Programme Textile Products Design - design variations/briefing

Wiebke Hüskes, student of Master Programme Textile Products Design
Sustainable watermanagement in garden planning

‘Sustainable water management in garden planning ‘- Lecture by landscape architect Annegret Birner-Brandhoff

“I plan in 'rooms' - I don't plan 'in plants'”, are the opening words of the landscape architect Annegret Birner-Brandhoff, who gave an insight into her passion and design principles of gardens in a very inspiring way.

All four elements - earth, water, fire, air - were examined within her lecture on the topic of 'Sustainable water management in garden planning'.
One example of this was the aspect of natural use, or the 'multi-spatial' use of algae, which can also make a great circular contribution to landscape planning. In a figurative sense, this is also conceivable for the demands of a >circular economy< in the textile industry if we take the 'Systems Oriented Design' (SOD) method into account in the design concept.

The impulse lecture took place within the master’s course 'Textile Products - Design' and was invited by Prof. Dr. Wachs, within the interdisciplinary annual theme "Water - SDG No.6" (Sustainable Development Goal No. 6: https://www.bmz.de/de/agenda-2030/sdg-6).

Many other design elements did not only provide inspiration for your own design; In addition, it was really great to be able to look into the working methods of the landscape architect Birner-Brandhoff.

Landscape architect Annegret Birner-Brandhoff:

Gestalten mit Wasser
designing with water - ponds

SAILebrate Sustainability


>"We" SAILebrate Sustainability at Kieler Woche 2022<

We are on board!!!
Our Team 14 - from the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology - on behalf of @Dimensionpolyant, has hoisted its sails and is heading north to present the successfully developed multifunctional lights and lounge seat made from recycled used upcycled sailcloth. SAILebrate sustainablity continues....

-Mast und Schotbruch! - Looking forward to an exciting, sustainable Kiel Week

dimension polyant

Many thanks to the cooperating companies:

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