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3D Workspace - Students develop creative solutions of alternative learning forms

Restrictions in the pandemic and the changed teaching and learning conditions have challenged us to come up with new creative solutions. We are currently encountering virtual models at an explosive rate and the fashion world must also tie in here. These changed conditions open up the implementation of alternative forms of learning. We developed the Workspace as an experimental project in order to unite cross-curricular competencies and resources even in times of isolation.

The conceptual orientation consisted of an interplay between imparting virtual competence and free space to develop individual design skills. Due to the diversity of the participants, a highly motivated group dynamic developed in the creation process.

Current developments show that the trend towards virtual showrooms, 3D clothing, as well as simulations in virtual space and augmented reality is unstoppable.

We see great potential for digital projects at the university level in the future. It shows, especially in the current situation, a variety of necessary application areas. The digital competence of students of textile and clothing technology will be expanded in order to design innovative solutions in virtual consumer worlds in the future working world.