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Current Dates

Freshmen Summer Semester 2023

Dear Bachelor and Master students in the 1st semester, dear Exchange students,

welcome to the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology. We wish you a good start and look forward to welcoming you here in Mönchengladbach.

Further information about your start of studies in September you will find here soon.




Current Timetable

New timetables for the summer term 2023 have been published

Registration for all lectures/courses in HiO starts on 2023-02-14


Dear students,

the new timetables for the summer term 2023 have been published.

Please note the following information regarding registration – valid for all study courses:

All students must actively register

for all compulsory and elective lectures/courses using His-in-One (HiO - hio.hsnr.de) platform.

Only on the basis of this registration all students will then receive important information about the lectures/course from their professors/lecturers, e.g. registration keys for moodle. This registration is especially important for presence-courses P, as otherwise the students will not be included into the planning, e.g. of individual groups

The registration period starts on 2023-02-14. Please register early.
All further important information can be found on the right side in the downloads.

Please note: Further changes in the timetable will only be updated in HiO in the future.

Feel free to also look at the following tutorial : https://youtu.be/autKwh6HuqM




General Information

SWST Scientific Working & Study tools

Higher Semester

Please use the SWST form to register for the introductory phase if you are in the advanced semester and would like to complete it in the next winter term.

to the form

Freshmen summer semester 2023

Dear Master students in the 1st semester,
Welcome to the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology. We wish you a good start and look forward to welcoming you here in Mönchengladbach.
Below is some initial information about your start at the university:

- 20.03.2023: Introduction Master in presence with tours
- 21.03.2023: Start of the block week with selected elective courses
- 27.03.2023: Start of regular lectures

All events will take place in presence.

The program and all important information can be found in the dropdown menu on this page.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Your Department of Textile and Clothing Technology


The curriculum is an important part of the examination regulations. It lists the study and examination accomplishments which are necessary to obtain the Bachelor or Master Degree.

The outlined time sequence of the study elements is not compulsory for students. However, the plan demonstrates how the study programme may be accomplished in the regular study time frame. Moreover, it has to be considered that the lecture offers and semester timetables are scheduled in accordance with the curriculum. 

New PO 2017

With the start of the WS 2017/18 the Faculty introduces new examination regulations and related curriculums for all degree programmes. Thus, the download-section contains both the curriculums of the "PO 2010/12" as well as of the "PO 2017". 

The most important changes of the new examination regulations have been summarised in one document. This can be seen via the link below. 

Important hint: everyone who is thinking about changing to the new examination regulations should be aware of the fact that not all (new) lectures and examinations of all semesters are offered in the WS 17/18 but only the ones of the first semester. In SS 2018 those of the second semester are offered, and so on. Parallel to this, the lecture offers of the old examination regulations expire one after the other.

Important Changes PO 2017

Module Handbooks

The curriculums only provide information on the name, scope, type of lecture and on the time reference of the lecture. Detailed information on the content, prerequisite knowledge and recommended literature can be found in the module handbooks. 

In this download-section you can find versions of them related to the old and the new examination regulations. In the PO 2017 we distinguish between the branch of study and the study emphases. Moreover, there are module handbooks for the elective courses (WPF) in the German Bachelor and Master courses.
Please also be aware that the module handbooks for PO 2010/12 are only available in German.

Please consider: Lectures are currently updated and may slightly deviate from the module handbooks. 

If you would like to take a look at the module handbooks of previous years, please contact the Dean's secretary. Hereby, it has to be mentioned that module handbooks only became compulsory with the introduction of the Bachelor and Master Degrees. Thus, there do not exist any handbooks for the diploma degree study programmes.  

Workshop Scientific Method

The Workshop Scientific Method is a type of „Container" which can be filled with various, individually selected courses. Pls find further information in pulldown "general information".

The different offers which are accepted in accordance with the Workshop Scientific Methods are divided into block seminars offered by the Faculty 07, for the Workshop Scientific Methods accepted courses of the HLL and certain elective courses from the German study courses.

Registration via HiO from 14.02. till deadline 05.03.
Publishing allocation on 13.03.23 -> pulldown-menue

Available seats in methods seminars:
MS27 (German) OR MS46 (English)
MS32 (German)
MS49 (German) OR MS50 (English)
MS51 (German) OR MS52 (English)

Please send me an email - free places will be allocated according to the order of receipt of the email.

Winteracademy 2023 (in German)
Mittwoch, 08.02.2023 - Präsentation & Storyboarding, 0,5CP
Mittwoch, 08.02.2023 - Haus- und Abschlussarbeiten, 0,5CP
Montag, 13.02.2023 - Gehaltsverhandlungen, 0,5CP
Dienstag & Mittwoch, 14. & 15.02.2023 - Abschlussarbeiten mit MS Office, 0,5CP


General Information

Please also check your status in HiO after the first allocation. The allocation takes place continuously throughout the semester, as places are always free.
angemeldet/registered = applied for seminar place
angemeldet und zugelassen/registered and admitted = received a place in the seminar

Please note the following rule: Anyone who is assigned to a block seminar and does not take part in it without having canceled at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance via HiO will be automatically excluded from all other seminars this semester & put on the blacklist!

Attendance of FB07 seminars is noted on a list of participants and then recorded in HiO. (Please take into account a few days processing time after the end of the seminar.)
For other seminars you will get certificates. Please note that you are responsible for storing your certificates until they are booked, as it is often not possible to issue them later or again.
Further information in document Procedure & course offers PO2017

If you have achieved the required credit points, please list all achievements that should lead to recognition of the "Workshop Scientific Methods" on the docket. These are checked by the chairpersons of the examination board using HiO or other attached certificates, afterwards the Workshop Scientific Methods will be recorded as complete in the examination office.
It is not possible to book partial points.
All necessary documents can be found in the download area on the right.


Saraa Feiter, Dipl.-Ing.
Mediendidaktikerin und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im Fachbereich Textil- & Bekleidungstechnik Team "digitaLe"

Workshop Final Thesis

The Workshop Final Thesis is compulsory for all students of the Bachelor degree programmes. It is interconnected with the Bachelor thesis and cannot be completed in earlier semesters. Please inform yourself in the guidelines about the details of this and apply for it via the online-form. 

Current Information

FFP2 masks indoors

For your own safety, we recommend that you wear a FFP2 mask.

Examination phase winter semester 22/23

Examination and registration periods

Winter semester 2022/23

 Examination period Wintersemester 22/23:


Application period:              04.12.2022 - 18.12.2022

Examination period:                 16.01.2023 - 03.02.2023


1.Examination period Summersemester 23:


Application period:              14.05.2023 - 28.05.2023

Examination period:                 26.06.2023 - 14.07.2023


2.Examination period Summersemester 23:


Application period:              27.08.2023 - 03.09.2023

Examination period:               18.09.2023 - 29.09.2023

General information about exams

Here you can find various information on examinations. 

In the (right) download-section, forms are available for the obligatory application for examinations or for the withdrawal from an examination due to illness. 

Important Hint:
For technical and legal reasons it is not possible to submit an application, judicial remedies or other examination-related statements via email to the Examinations Board, to the Chair of the Examinations Board or to the employees of the Examinations Office. 

Procedural steps of this kind can only be transmitted by written documents via mail, telefax, or orally to the Chair of the Examinations Board or to employees of the Examinations Office. 


new examination regulations / end of old PO

With winter semester 2017/18 the faculty has introduced new examination regulations "PO 2017" for all study courses.

the following rules apply for the termination of the old study courses "PO 2010/12":

Due to the pandemic situation, we have decided not to automatically transfer students from the old PO 2010/12 who have not passed all of the basic studies exams to the new PO2017 after this semester. Instead, we give these students the opportunity to have missing examinations from the basic course of the old PO recognized with coursework from the new PO. Please note the following points:

  • bachelor thesis must be REGISTERED by the end of February 2022 at the latest.
    The submission of the bachelor thesis and the corresponding colloquium can take place during the summer semester 2022. This change was confirmed by the faculty council.
  • Students of the old PO must have passed ALL of the course-related exams till winter semester 2021/22 - exams will be offered in WS 2021/22 for the last time.
  • The number of failed attempts in exams that have not changed in the new PO remains the same.
  • Students who have not passed all the exams from the old PO by the end of February 2022 or have not registered the bachelor thesis will automatically be transferred to the new PO2017.

Upcoming examination and application periods

WS 2020/21

Anmeldephase / application period: 06.12.2020 - 20.12.2020
Prüfungsphase / examination period: 01.02.2021 - 20.02.2021


Grade calculations

In the download part you can find a conversion table for the conversion of the attained number of points in an examination to the corresponding mark (based on a total number of achievable points of 100).

In addition you can download Excel-files with the help of which you can calculate your current average grade as well as a forecast for the total grade. Of course the calculation depends on the version of the examination regulations. Please take care to select the rigth file.


Approval of examination achievements and study times

In the download-section on the right side you can find a link for the approval regulations of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences as well as an information sheet of the Faculty. Please read through carefully and contact the respective Chair of the Examination Boards for the arrangement of a meeting for consultancy. 


Textile Technology of Spinning and Physics
Prof. Dr. Boris Mahltig
Functionalisation of Textiles / Examination Board for International Degree Programmes


Since SS 2016 the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology has changed the admission proceedings for the Master Degree Programmes "Textile Produkte" and "Management of Textile Trade and Technology". The new procedure is defined in separate regulations. 

The details about the assignment of points and about the reuqirements are summarized on a seperate page (see link below).

Master Admission Procedure

Information Events

At the beginning of each winter semester the Chairs of the Examination Boards offer information events about the degree programmes and the examination regulations. Hereby, separate events for the English degree programmes as well as for the Freshmen and students in higher semesters of the German degree programmes are organised. A copy of the presentation can be found in the right download-section.  


Certificates for the Bafög-Office are issued by the study-focus supervisor. Their names and contact information can be found on the Contacts page. An overview about the requirements needed to get the certificate are listed in the corresponding file available in the download section "Public Notices".

Head of Core Study Areas

Basic Internship

The Bachelor-examination regulations PO 2010/2010 required a compulsory 8-week basic internship until the beginning of the 3rd semester. 

ATTENTION: the Faculty has introduced new examination regulations in the winter semester 2017/18. These do NOT require the basic internship anymore. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a range of frequently asked questions and answers. 

FAQ Page

Examination Committee

The Examination Board is responsible for the organization of the examinations and the tasks defined in the examination regulations. It is an independent body of the Hochschule Niederrhein and authority in the sense of administrative procedure and administrative procedure law. It consists of the chairperson, his or her deputy and five other members. The chairperson, the deputy chairperson and two other members are elected by the faculty council from among the professors, one member from the academic staff and two members from among the students.
The Department of Textile and Clothing Technology has two Examination Committees, one for German-language courses and one for English-language courses.

Head of Exam Comm German

status SS 2019:
Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Weide
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Anne Schwarz-Pfeiffer


Head of Exam Comm English

status SS 2018:
Head: Prof. Dr. Mahltig
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Ernst


Information for the SWST - higher semester

All students in the bachelor's degree programs have to obtain a certificate in the course Scientific working and study tools (SWST) in the first semester. Among other things, this certificate is also required to participate in the course projects in the 5th semester.


All students who have not yet completed the SWST or have not successfully completed it can do so in the coming winter semester. To do this, please register by August 31 at the latest in the respective summer semester for the coming winter semester using the form. The SWST includes:

  • independent preparation for the word test with video tutorials (moodle)

  • Word test

  • Group work on library research followed by a presentation.

Please note that the SWST starts in the introductory week of the winter semester. The grouping for library research takes place here. You will also receive general information on the SWST, information on the timing of the SWST and an introduction to the library in the event during the introductory week.


Final Theses

Please consider the specified hints when preparing your final thesis and use the listed examples and sample files.

Information on legal questions concerning the examination regulations of the final thesis and formal requirements for the structure can be found in the PDF-file "Formales" ("Formal Requirements"). Thanks to Prof. Dr. Ständer we can offer a detailed guideline to be downloaded, especially converning quotation rules.

Old Final Theses

You have the possibility to review old final theses of our Faculty in the library. We have archived the theses in the library since 2012 and they can be researched there via the catalogue search engine.

An important remark about the Bachelor-, Master and Diploma-Theses:

The majority of our Bachelor-, Master- and Diploma-Theses are developed in co-operation with companies from industry. Thus, their contents often include company-intern information or new, innovative approaches which cannot be offered to the public. Therefore, many theses are "inaccessible" so they cannot be reviewed or lent. If you have questions please contact the author of the theses directly. In particularly critical cases not even the publication of the topic is allowed but this is rather an exceptional case. Generally, Bachelor-, Master- and Diploma-Theses are not to be lent.

Inaccessible final theses can be reviewed in the library and are partly available to be lent. Please research in the online-catalogue (link below) and ask the personnel if you are interested. Please take note of the opening hours of the library.

OnlineCatalogue (webOPAC)

Usage of the University's logo

In advance of the final thesis several questions are to be answered: Often candidates ask about the usage of the university's logo on pages of the final theses. This is generally prohibited. The official position of the University of Applied Sciences for students is as follows:

  • The university's logo is only allowed to be used for internal, official purposes of the University of Applied Sciences.
  • Beyond that the university's usage the logo is only allowed to be used by co-operation partners with whom an official co-operation agreement exists (for example in educational or research areas).
  • Therefore a logo usage contract does exist.
  • A Bachelor or Master Thesis is the own property of the student or the graduate and not an official university's document. Thus, the university's logo is not allowed to be placed on it.
Logo - Usage Contract

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions and answers have been summarised on a separate page.

FAQ Page

Study Works

Study works are compulsory in all curriculums of the Bachelor Degree Programmes. They are offered each semester. At the end of the previous semester the list with the topics offered is published and an application via online-form is available. Please also consider the published guidelines.

The list of offered topics as well as the list of assignments is published on the right side in the download area.

Please also be aware of the schedule below!

Timetable for study works during SoSe 23

Topic assignments for summertern 2023 first application phase are published now.

From now until 19 March 2023, 11:59 pm, you can make the second apply for topics for your student research project in the summer semester 2023 if you would like to write the study work in this semester.

The schedule is as follows:

9 February 2023 - 6 March 2023
First application phase on offered topics of student study works.

11 March 2023
Topic assignment will be published.

11 March 2023 - 19 March 2023
Second application phase on study work topics still available.
If you have not been assigned a topic or you would like to work on a different topic, you can apply again in the second application phase for topics that are still available.

21 March 2023
Publication of the final assignment to topics after the 1st and 2nd application phase.

10 April 2023 - 23 April 2023
Binding registration for examinations. Registration at a later date is no longer possible. Withdrawal is not possible after the registration deadline!

26 June 2023
Deadline for submission of your study work.


Student projects are an important part of the Degree Programmes at the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology, in the Bachelor as well as in the Master Degree Programmes.

Here you can find current news and interesting results and you can apply for the 5th semester projects at certain times.

Master R&D-Projects

For the assignment of the research and development projects in the Master Degree Programmes certain regulations exist which have been specified by the Examinations Board and which can be seen here. Among others you can find the information that you have to apply for them in a written form to Prof. Dr. Mahltig. The application form can be found in the download-section. Please download it, fill it in and sign it together with the supervisor. Afterwards you can hand it in to Prof. Dr. Mahltig.

In the Examination Regulations "PO 2017", newly introduced in the winter semester 17/18, the R&D-Projects are graded with a mark.

English Projects

Dear students,

You have to actively register for Master Projects MTTT-40 using His-in-One (HiO - https://hio.hsnr.de) platform.

The selection for your Master Projects is now available:

Project 1: Vision Zero for Ginning Mills in India/ Prof. M. Eigenstetter
Project 2: Electronic Textiles - Sustainability and Recycle Options/ Prof. M. Eigenstetter
Project 3: Research on political and economic consequences of the corona pandemic/ Prof. U. Schlick
Project 4: Fashion Law - Impacts of Intellectual Property Law on Fashion Industry/ Attorney U. Wenzel-Daugsch

Details on the contents and aims of those projects are deposited on the platform.

Please register your top three priorities until latest 02.04.2021. You will be informed via e-Mail regarding your participation.

Schedule English MA Projects SS 2021

  • Topics available online from 22.03.2021
  • Online registration from 22.03. to 01.04.2021
  • Introduction to MA-Projects on 09.04.2021 at 09h00 am via Zoom
  • Start of Projects with supervisor on 09.04.2021 at 10h00 am via Zoom 

Projects (5th semester)

Projects (5th semester)

Dear students,
as of now you can register for the projects in the upcoming winter semester 23/24.

Information and online registration:

  • You can find information about the project event directly on the right in the pulldown Projects (5th semester) - Slides Info (deu/eng).
  • If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Weide/Prof. Zöll.
  • As of 27.3.2023, online registration for projects will be possible on this website.

Kick-off meeting and further dates:

  • Date 28.09.23 at 8:15 am.: Zoom kick-off meeting with attendance check, information about project event, drawing of lots for project teams, election of project leaders in the groups; end around 12:00 pm.
  • - Date 28.09.23 at 1:00 pm: Zoo information event for all project leaders; the other team members carry out initial research on the topic; end around 4:00 pm

- Date 29.09.23 at 8:15 am until about 4:00 pm: first team meetings via Zoom
(with compulsory attendance), internal organisation, visit by topic creators
- Every Wednesday jour-fix from date 04.10.23 from 4:00 pm (team-specific often from 2:00 pm) until 6:00 pm.
Team meeting with compulsory attendance

Please refer to the file on the right in the pull-down menu for project registrations.

Internship Semester and Semester Abroad

One of the big strengths of the Degree Programmes at the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology is the proximity to practice. Therefore, an internship semester or a semester abroad are compulsory. You have the choice whether you want to do an internship or go abroad.

Here you can find a lot of information and contacts for the corresponding opportunities.

General Information

Requirements for the Admission:

The internship or the university abroad is chosen by yourself independently. A claim for the assignment of an internship does not exist. The internship semester / semester abroad has to be requested at the Examinations office in written form and has to be authorised. For this the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

The request for an internship semester / semester abroad is authorised if you have collected at least 89 credit points.

During the internship semester / semester abroad you are supervised by a professor of the Faculty. He or she evaluates the suitability of the internship / agrees on the lectures during the semester abroad.



When all admission requirements are fulfilled and when you have found an internship / university abroad of your choice you should concern yourself with the application for the internship semester / semester abroad at the Faculty. The „Antrag auf Zulassung zum Praxissemester" ("Request for the Admission for the internship / semester abroad") has to be signed by you and your supervisor and is afterwards forwarded to the Examinations Office. In case you do an internship please also forward the concluded internship contract (as a copy) to your supervisor,  which has to be handed in to Examinations Office together with the „Antrag auf Zulassung" ("Request for the Admission"). When your documents are received in the Examinations Office a decision is made about the admission to the internship semester / semester abroad.

After the termination of the internship semester / semester abroad a 20-page report has to be written and handed in to the supervisor. Moreover, an internship certificate or a certificate of examinations of the partner university abroad must be handed in. These documents as well as the completed "Belegbogen zum Praxis-/ Auslandsstudiensemester"  ("Document of Proof for the internship semester / semester abroad") have to be forwarded to the Examinations Office via the supervisor. There the internship semester / semester abroad can be recorded.

For a successful internship semester / semester abroad 30 credit points are accredited.  



In the curriculum for the Bachelor Degree Programmes the internship semester / semester abroad is scheduled for the 6th semester but it can also be done in another semester. Please take into account the semester and examination schedules of the partner university or of the internship. Here, an overlapping may occur. For a semester or internship abroad language skills of at least the B2 level are required. Therefore you also have to inform yourself about the possible requirements of the partner university or internship.

Internship Semester

The internship semester is intended to offer you the chance to apply the knowledge gained during the studies and to introduce you to professional activities of your later career with the help of practical work in an enterprise of the textile and clothing industry.  

Job and internship offers are frequently published on the homepage of the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology.

For tips and recommendations please contact the professors of the respective interest emphasis or contact the study focus supervisor.

Semester abroad:

There are many different programmes for the sponsorship of a semester abroad. Information about this can be found on the pages of the International Office (IO). The link for the online-applications for ERASMUS+ can be found via "Weiterführende Links" ("Further Links").

Semester Abroad

Instead of an internship semester a semester abroad at a foreign university can be done as well. The semester abroad serves to enhance the knowledge of the chosen study direction, support the intercultural competence as well as global thinking and improve the skills in the language of the host country. 

Important hint:

At all partnerships only a limited number of places for the applicants can be offered. Therefore it is important to obtain information early, to apply early enough and if necessary to choose an alternative.

Many of our partner universities offer lectures in the English language. Please check on the course material on the website of your favourite university. 

Credit points (ECTS):

For the semester abroad the allocation of credit points is composed as follows: On the other hand a 20 page- report about the semester abroad has to be handed in to the supervisor after the semester abroad , for which further 10 credit points can be accredited. The selection of courses has to be authorised by the supervisor and is recorded in the written form of a Learning Agreement. During the accreditation of the semester abroad you are awarded with 30 credit points by the Examinations Board. Please take into account that the points achieved in the host country may have to be transferred to ECTS-points (European Credit Transfer System).

Partner universities:

The access to the database of the international university co-operations of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences can be found on the pages of the International Office (IO). The link for the online-applications for ERASMUS+ can be found via "Further Links".

Database Partner Universities

Internship in Bangladesh

The Faculty organises internship opportunities for Bachelor and Master students in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In various certified companies of the textile and clothing industry you may track the complete textile chain in practice as well as collect interesting cultural insights in the production country Bangladesh.
This offer is preferably valid for students who have to do the compulsory internship semester. The time frame and the duration of the internship is also offered to other students but in general the minimum duration should not be below 2 months.

NEW: Short internship in Bangladesh (4 weeks). Bachelor students of higher semesters and Master students can apply. The application form can be found in the download-section via "Forms".



Dates for information events about internship abroad / semester abroad

FB07 Going abroad – Internship or semester abroad - by Zoom

If you plan a semester or internship abroad the event >>FB07 Going abroad<< in the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology is a helpful information source for various preparations and open questions. The event takes place once a semester.

During a presentation information on preconditions for the internship semester and the semester abroad will be given as well as on partner universities and faculty co-operations, deadlines, application procedures, assistance for forms, financing and sponsorship possibilities as for example the Erasmus+ - Programme.

The next event "FB07 Going abroad": 13th of April 2023 

12:30-14:00 o'clock by Zoom .

This event will be announced via newsletter news07 and Instagram, too.

You can register by mail to get the Zoom link: 



Experiences abroad by Zoom

Students tell about their experiences during their semester abroad and provide helpful tips for accommodation possibilities and costs of living and show photos of their times abroad. Moreover, students talk about their experiences during their internships abroad and inform about formal procedures during the application. Afterwards open questions will be answered.  

Next Zoom meeting will be announced by News-07 and via Instagram.


International Tutor of FB07

Information on partner universities, application procedures via mobility online system and deadlines and much more can be received during a consultation meeting with our International Tutor. (Due to Corona only by mail )

Philomena Mayer
Webschulstr. 31
D-41065 Mönchengladbach
Email: auslandstutorium.fb07(at)hs-niederrhein.de

Consultation hours: Thursday during the semster time
Time: 12:30 o'clock - 14:00 o'clock
Room: --






Questions / Answers

Frequently asked questions and answers have been summarised on a FAQ-Page.



Our staff is pleased to offer you a personal advisory service.

Information on partner universities, application procedures and deadlines and much more can be received during a personal consultation meeting with our International Tutor

Philomena Mayer
Webschulstr. 31
D-41065 Mönchengladbach
Email: auslandstutorium.fb07(at)hs-niederrhein.de

Consultation hours: Thursday during the semster time (Due to corona only ba mail or skype)
Time: 12:30 o'clock - 14:00 o'clock
Room: --


In case you do have additional questions about your semester or internship abroad please contact Mrs. Konrad or Prof. Dr. Eigenstetter.

Please check also the announcements on our information board in buidling G near the examination office and the Caféte.

Viola Konrad
International Coordinator
Email International Tutor

Double Degree

As part of the bachelor's degree programme, it is possible to obtain the exclusive german-chinese double degree "International Textile and Clothing Management" in cooperation with Tiangong University (TGU)/PR China.

In the double course, you will receive two bachelor's degrees in the international textile and clothing sector, one from TGU and one from the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein (HSNR). They acquire intercultural skills and comprehensive knowledge in textile and clothing technology and management.

The English-language Double Degree Bachelor Study program begins after the 5th semester. Start at TGU is in March. (The semester times are similar to those at HSNR.)

The study period is 8 semesters. The first part of the double study programme comprises 5 semesters of regular study at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein.

The 6th and 7th semesters of the TGU include courses, an internship including visits to local textile companies. In addition, the bachelor's thesis is written in the 8th semester at the TGU. HSNR students are supervised by two professors during the thesis, one from TGU and one from HSNR. Qualified students receive two bachelor's degrees from HSNR and TGU.


More information you will find in the flyer and in the registration form.

Contact person is Prof. Dr. Boris Mahltig




One of the big strengths of the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology is its international orientation. Every semester many students from abroad are interested in our study program.  We welcome all students from other universities in Textile and Clothing and want them to give an good overview about our range of offered courses.


Our staff is pleased to offer you a personal advisory service.

In case you do have questions about your semester or internship please contact Mrs. Konrad or Prof. Dr. Eigenstetter (internationalfb07(at)hs-niederrhein.de)

Viola Konrad
International Coordinator
International Team FB07


ERASMUS / INCOMINGS Information Winter Semester 2022/23

A warm welcome for the exchange students

In order to provide you with a quick orientation and a stress-free stay here at our faculty, we have compiled some information about our study programme.

Study Programme: Offers for your Learning Agreement
In order to compile your Learning Agreement (LA), you must choose courses according to your current level of study (Bachelor or Master) from our Erasmus study programme. 
Master students can choose courses of BA and MA. Bachelor students can select only courses of BA. 


Introduction day 
For our new students we offer introduction days at the beginning of each semester. It is necessary to take part so that you are informed about the organization of your studies and exams.

In the Summer semester we have only one introduction day before start of lectures.

In the Winter semester we have introduction days (week) for foreign students.


Dates Winter Semester 2022/23

Introduction week:                      19.-23.September 2022

German courses:                         DaF für Erasmus A1.1   Start: n.n.

More information are given at the language center of HSNR.

Official semester duration:             01. September 2022 – 28. February 2022
Lecture period:                                 26. September 2021 – 14. January 2023
Examination period:                        16. January 2022 – 03. February 2022        


Dates Summer Semester 2023:

Introduction day Erasmus / Master:   20. March 2023

Official semester duration:                 01. March – 31. August 2023
Lecture period:                                    20. March – 23. June 2023
Examination period:                            26. June – 14. July 2023



Please contact the International Office in Krefeld:      


Assistance and Support during the Degree Programmes

Study Course Consultation

I offer you individual consultancy in the event of questions, proposals and difficulties during the course of studies.

Study Course Consultant

Ursula Korsten, Dipl.-Ing.
Study Advisor

Tutorials & Revision Courses

The list with tutorials and revision courses can be seen on the right side via "Downloads". Changes will be made and further information will frequently be given.

Sponsorship Possibilities

Information on BAföG, scholarships and other sponsorship possibilities can be found on the university's own homepages.

University's Homepage

Liaison Professor

In case of problems, also personal problems, you can feel free to contact us.

Textile Technology – Technology of Knitting and Warp Knitting, Technology of Spinnery, Management Theory, Training Head of TUB/Textilmanagement

Liaison Tutors

liaison tutors

"Hello, dear ones,

you feel stressed? Do you have problems at the university? Doubts about your studies? Or something is on your mind? Then come and visit us!

We are Shazal (TCM) and Cosima (TCM), your tutors at the faculty 07 and we are here to help you with your worries and problems.

If something is bothering you or you need to talk, we are always there for you and have an open ear for you. Our office hours are on Thursdays from 13:00-14:00 (room G E04) but you can always reach us via email. (vertrauenstutorium.fb07@hs-niederrhein.de)

Together with you we will find a solution for everything, so don't hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to you!

Best regards,

Shazal and Cosima

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Email to Liaison Tutors

Family Service

The family service gives advice to students and supports them concerning compatibility of studying and parenting and also taking care of close relatives. Please inform yourself via the university's homepage or get in touch.

Family Service at FB07

Family Service of the HN


What do we do?

We represent your interests at our Faculty when dealing with professors, the Dean and all other people that you face during your daily routine at the university.

Whether with a food week, a hot spiced wine festival, a donation campaign or a party - we would like to make your life aside from the lectures as pleasant as possible. You are in good hands from the start until the end of your studies. We are your contact for all kinds of question concerning your studies. And in case we cannot help you we certainly know someone who can. Because we, the Faculty Student Council, are students just like you!

Something should change?

Curriculum, opening hours or the choice of electives? Do you have suggestions about lectures or other concerns? You can put everything in our suggestion and complaint box ("Kummerkasten"). No matter what is on your mind, we trustfully take care of it!

It is very important to write down the date in case of particular current events, to describe the situation fairly exactly and to name a contact person for us, if applicable. You are also welcome to stay anonymous or to leave a contact so we can find a solution together.

Our suggestion and complaint box ("Kummerkasten") can found in the basement of the G-building or you can come and visit us!


Where do you find us?

We are pleased to invite you to a nice conversation or a coffee in our main office in E200 on Thursdays, from 1pm to 2pm. Also outside of the opening hours you are welcome to arrange an alternative date with us. It is easiest to use our Facebook page for this or send us an email.

Were you interested?

Would you like to volunteer during your studies? There is always much to do. Every year we organise multiple events, campaigns and parties and not to forget the Freshmen orientation days. Please come over and become an active part of the Faculty!


Who are we?

We are a group of young students of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences from the department 07, which deals with the topic sustainability. In addition to our studies, we have made it our task to report about sustainability in the clothing industry, to educate and most of all to show alternatives. With our work we want to make people think and raise awareness of the sustainability issue.

What do we do?

Our activities include visits to sustainable fashion fairs, the organisation and implementation of workshops and events, such as swapping instead of buying. We give lectures, show documentaries, invite speakers from the global fashion industry for collective discussions and are in close contact and exchange with famous fashion companies from the green fashion scene.

Have we caught your interest?

If you want to join us, come and find out more about us. We meet every second Thursday from 12.30 - 14 o'clock at the Hochschule Niederrhein! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and be always up to date about actions and events!


If you would like to continue your studies after this current semester you have to re-register.

The re-registration period and all other relevant information can be found via the university's homepage (link below).

Please consider: No more remittance slips will be sent. You can receive all information via the university's email address and via the online services of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.


Snipes SE - Köln
Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH & Co. KG - Butzbach
RESORTECS - Brussels, Belgium
CINQUE MODA GMBH - Mönchengladbach
CINQUE MODA GMBH - Mönchengladbach
Ernsting's family GmbH & Co. KG - Coesfeld-Lette
Ernsting's family GmbH & Co. KG - Coesfeld-Lette
Ernsting's family GmbH & Co. KG - Coesfeld-Lette
Triumph International GmbH - Heubach
Karl Dieckhoff GmbH & Co. KG - Wuppertal
Ernsting's family GmbH & Co. KG - Coesfeld-Lette
Karl Dieckhoff GmbH & Co. KG - Wuppertal


FLORETT TEXTIL GmbH & Co. KG - Mülheim an der Ruhr
NEW YORKER Group-Services International GmbH & Co. KG - Braunschweig
Rheydter Familienzentrum - Mönchengladbach
RHEINSPORT Agentur für Sportmarketing GmbH & Co. KG - Köln
FLORETT TEXTIL GmbH & Co. KG - Mülheim an der Ruhr
Stadt Rheinberg FB40, Kirchplatz 10 - Rheinberg
C & A Mode GmbH & Co. KG - Mönchengladbach
Ernsting's family GmbH & Co. KG - Coesfeld-Lette
Calzedonia Germany GmbH - Düsseldorf
Calzedonia Germany GmbH - Düsseldorf
Ziegler Textil GmbH - Lautenbach
Get In Textil GmbH & Co KG - Mönchengladbach
Rompe Design Job-Fashion GmbH & Co. KG - Vettweiß
C & A Mode GmbH & Co. KG - Mönchengladbach
CINQUE MODA GMBH - Mönchengladbach
Bureaux Bo GmbH - Düsseldorf
Adenauer & Co. GmbH - Istanbul
Armedangels - Köln
ALBERTO GmbH & Co. KG - Mönchengladbach
ALBERTO GmbH & Co. KG - Mönchengladbach
Logistikzentrum Baden-Württemberg (LZBW) - Ditzingen
PEP Factory GmbH - Mönchengladbach
S-GARD® Schutzkleidung - Heinsberg
S-GARD® Schutzkleidung - Heinsberg
Cepheid - Krefeld
Spilag AG - Seon/Schweiz
Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH - Heinsberg
Fynch-Hatton Textil-Handelsgesellschaft mbH - Mönchengladbach
Paradies GmbH - Neukirchen-Vluyn
Der Zauberfaden gUG - Schorndorf
MENTOR GmbH & Co. Präzisions-Bauteile KG - Erkrath
Sympatex Technologies GmbH - Unterföhring
Ernsting's family GmbH & Co. KG - Coesfeld-Lette
job-assistenz.de - Mönchengladbach
Gebr. Röders AG - Soltau

Themenangebote Abschlussarbeiten

Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe - Erding
Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe - Erding
Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe, - Erding

Ausschreibungen Kooperationen


Service for companies

Use our free service to publish your job and internship offers, or topics for theses in our department and on our website. Send us your advertisement as a one-page PDF document to the contact person.

The advertisement will be published on our job board for four weeks. If you want the job posting to continue to be listed after this period, send us the PDF again or contact us in time for an extension. All information on these pages is without guarantee! They are updated to the best of our knowledge and belief. Please always pay attention to the notices on site in the department.


Iris Meyer        Fachbereichsverwaltung

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  • Telefon: +49 2161 186-6023
  • iris.meyer(at)hs-niederrhein.de
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