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Design: ‘S-Polarskin – Abundance of Light and impulses of sustainable lighting’ by Joline Kaumanns - as part of Materialica Award 2022

During the master course within the program textile products with focus on design“, Joline Kaumanns created the study with the title: ‚S-Polarskin – abundance of light and impulses of sustainable lighting – a story of genderless second skin’

Beside the extraordinary design of a unisex overall for skiing, she developed a multifunction textile sandwich material.
S-Polarskin, Abundance of Light. S represents Sustainability, "Abundance of Light" implies differentiated, complementary material properties. Materials such as wool, paper yarn and recycled cellophane are used with sustainability in mind. These components are connected in a woven and knitted structure as a sandwich material. The individual parts of the surface visually intertwine. The loosely knitted downside gives the material a voluminous feel and allows for air pockets. Lanolin makes it particularly water-repellent and dill, Sweden's national spice, gives it additional multi-sensory properties.

The material can be returned to the natural cycle in a multifunctional and sustainability-oriented manner.

Now, the material S-Polarskin and Joline Kaumanns participating at Materialica Award 2022.

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pictures: M.E. Wachs, 2022
Joline Kaumanns, S-Polarskin – Abundance of Light, 2022