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Fungi Artis

Leather alternative made from mushroom mycelium and alginate, design and development: Jasmin Schmitz Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Department of Textile and Clothing Technology - Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Marina-E.Wachs and Prof. Dipl.-Modegestalterin Karin Stark

Fungi Artis is a circular leather alternative based on fungal mycelium and alginate.
The aim of the work was to use an experimental approach to develop a sustainable plant-based alternative that is not dependent to the global market and that also enables small and medium-sized enterprises to produce raw materials, manufacture, process and recycle at one location. The material is adjustable in thickness, flexibility, colour and shape. The exemplary cardholder developed from Fungi Artis is water-resistant and flame-retardant.
Future use is conceivable in the fields of fashion, automotive and interior design, for example.

The material l Fungi Artis developed during the Bachelor thesis by Jasmin Schmitz - coached by Professor Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs and Professor Dipl.- Modegestalterin Karin Stark - now is part of the Materialica Award 2022. 

We wish great success to Jasmin and the material award, but as well that the material will be demanded in the future by the green economy and the consumer, supporting the a bio degradable, 100 % circular product.


Anlagen: Fotos M.E. Wachs, 2022
Jasmin Schmitz Happy mit ihrer Bachelorarbeit FungiArtis und Materialbox, 2022
Austernpilze, Foto Wachs ME 2022
Jasmin Schmitz: FungiArtis CardHolder Detail
Jasmin Schmitz: FungiArtis CardHolder MCard, Austenpilze, Material-Vorstufe, 2022