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Joline Kaumanns got the 1st price of Materialica Award 2022 in the category: student

Joline Kaumanns, Master Textile Products Design, Hochschule Niederrhein – Faculty Textile and Clothingtechnology winner of MATERIALICA AWARD 2022 within the category 'student'; more to see within the exhibition near by autmotive exhibitor at fair: e move 360° - to 7th of October 2022 at Berlin

The „Materialica“ Award highlights the combination about incredible design and high performance in technology. The perfect combination about smart material selection with expert knowledge in designing with high desingerly standards will be showcased by generated new and innovative materials, surfaces, technologies, products and CO2 efficiency. (see compared to

"Abundance of Light" implies differentiated, complementary material properties. Materials such as wool, paper yarn and recycled cellophane are used with sustainability in mind. These components are connected in a woven and knitted structure as a sandwich material. The individual parts of the surface visually intertwine. The loosely knitted downside gives the material a voluminous feel and allows for air pockets. Lanolin makes it particularly water-repellent and dill, Sweden's national spice, gives it additional multi-sensory properties.

The material can be returned to the natural cycle in a multifunctional and sustainability-oriented manner. The interdisciplinary design – and the designer Joline – follows the sustainable high demand to go for the hole circular process to develop the application for fashion AND automotive interior design.

Pictures/Designs: 3-D textile samples, grafics, sketch of exploration, sustainable material-design, design for skiing, doormats for cars: Joline Kaumanns, 2022. Messe: e move 360° Berlin -  Materialica Award 2022, Messestand, Joline Kaumanns. Screen / still from the movie Livet Design, by Joline Kaumanns, 2022
Designer: Joline Kaumanns, Coach: Prof. Dr. M.-E. Wachs