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Katharina Grobheiser

Award of Wilhelm-Lorch Stiftung for Katharina Grobheiser

One Round – Trip please: New York City – Bachelor Thesis – Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung… and back!

Being in New York City for my practical semester came with many unique experiences that inspired me and made my time living there very special.

After a first visit in New York City during the beginning of my studies, I had the wish to do my practical semester there and I knew that to achieve this goal I had to put in a lot of work, so it was a wonderful feeling to sit in the airplane after the struggles. Now I can look back and appreciate the great amount of knowledge I obtained during the time I spent there. Students in that wane go aboard that can apply for the scholarship Promos from DAAD. I did my Internship with the company V.Fraas next to Bryant Park in Manhattan; V.Fraas offers internships not only for Textil-Design but also for the management sector.

L(ifestyle) Train from Bushwick to Manhattan and back

This inspiring and special time and specifically my morning rides from Brooklyn to my job in Manhattan have been the base for my bachelor thesis and my fashion and textile studies as well. During my time there I realized that design in New York City is one of the most diverse Megacities in the World, the subway alone seems to be a daily fashion runway show. With the title, L(ifestyle) Train from Bushwick to Manhattan and back: Textile fashion Signs, Zeitgeist Symbols and new style types exemplary documented and transformed into textile design, I reworked these impressions.

After successfully finishing my bachelor thesis, I was recommended to apply with my special and creative work for the advancement price form the Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung. I had almost forgotten about my application when I received a letter that informed me that I was one of the 15 award winners. In addition to winning a cash price I had the chance to be at the 60th Panel of the Textilwirtschaft, which was a great experience. I am also very proud to be one out of the three winners from the Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Science, the other two were Vera Gail and Sophia Wiskott, who won the award in the category of engineering; no other University had so many winners at the Wilhelm-Lorch Award this year.

I believe it’s worthwhile to chase the craziest dreams even when you think you might not make it happen. Every success opens the door to another opportunity and studying and especially in Design, it’s not only about learning things but it’s also about developing knowledge on deeper levels. I finished my bachelor studies successfully and closing it with this award has been an honor. With the promotion of the Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung I look forward for an even more exciting experience when I am doing my master studies at Hochschule Niederrhein – Faculty of Textile and Clothingtechnology.

Authoresse: Katharina Grobheiser

Coaches: Prof. Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Wachs.