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Melissa Grustat, M.Sc., 2021

DNair Collection - 100% recycled Airbags, waterproof - for Fashion and Interior Design. Thesis in the master's program Textile Products Design.

'Textile safeness designed in Germany – Development of sustainable design solutions inspired by German design features of fashion, interior and automotive design using fabric from airbag systems
Coach: Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Jutta Wiedemann, Hochschule Niederrhein

"DNair" by Melissa Grustat is a thirteen-piece collection. The main component of all pieces is airbag fabric collected from various sources or sponsored by German companies. Although the origin is different, all materials would have been thrown away. The designs are meant to show what future applications are possible for this high-tech airbag fabric. 

Video of the collection >>

Melissa Grustat, M.Sc. Textile Products, focused on Design, B.Sc. Textile- and Clothingtechnology, focused on Management, B.Sc. Design Engineer, focused on Fashion.
Freelance Editor for ‘AD Germany’. Five years experience in Sales, also experience in working as a designer for Istanbul based brand. Today working at AUDI, Ingolstadt, Colour & Trim.