Invitation for applications
Sales and Marketing

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Invitation for applications

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is currently seeking applicants for one vacant professorships in

Sales and Marketing
Bes.-Gr. W 2 LBesO W

The Hochschule Niederrhein is one of the largest and top-performing universities for applied sciences in Germany. We open up perspectives, and with academic training that is geared to the future, we ensure that our graduates are in demand on the labour market. As a result of our solution and transfer-oriented research, we are an innovative driving force for the region and have a close, cooperative relationship with companies, municipalities and institutions. The comprehensive support of the students by our lecturers is one of our distinguishing factors.

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics offers several application-based, full-time and career integrated degree programmes in line with the latest scientific findings and business requirements. We apply hands-on teaching methods and focus on project work in cooperation with the industry, thereby ensuring practice-based training.

The Hochschule Niederrhein is characterised by its location in the centre of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region with attractive and scenic surroundings on the left bank of the Lower Rhine and the border region to the Netherlands.

Your brief

  • You are representing the fields of "Sales and Marketing" in the bachelor's degree program. At the Hochschule Niederrhein (University of Applied Sciences), this also includes the intensive cooperation and support of students and their study projects.
  • The following teaching areas need to be covered:
    • Designing sales and marketing strategies, also in an international context, while considering the digital transformation's potential
    • International management, sales management, e-commerce, big data and the fundamentals of sales and marketing
  • Furthermore, courses in various study programs (Bachelor and Master) at the Hochschule Niederrhein in English and German language have to be covered.
  • In addition to taking on compulsory courses, the tasks of the professorship also include the development and implementation of innovative and modern methods of teaching, including the development of e-learning content.
  • Willingness to participate in the committees of the department and the University.

In addition, you will hold joint courses for other degree programmes at the University if necessary.

Your profile

You hold
A University degree from a scientific University, ideally with a focus on business administration, and a relevant doctorate

You have

  • Profound knowledge, experience and success in the fields of sales and/or marketing
  • Experience in developing sales strategies and/or marketing plans
  • Experience in international management
  • Experience in an international environment, shown especially through international working experiences and/or research stays abroad
  • Very good English skills, in particular the ability and willingness to hold courses in English
  • Very good German skills for conducting courses in the German language

You have
Strong communication, cooperation and team skills as well as a willingness to develop both personally and professionally.

We are looking for

  • Experience in managing sales and/or marketing departments
  • Publications in the field of "Sales and Marketing"
  • Ideally, you have gained first experiences in the scientific dialogue and the transfer of scientific knowledge to practice
  • Experience with the digitization of modules, especially in designing courses with the blended learning technique
  • Experience in setting-up and developing innovative lectures
  • Experience in the application of innovative teaching/learning/examination methods

General recruitment requirements in accordance with Article 36 of the Law on Higher Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Higher Education Act HG)

  • Completed studies at a scientific University;
  • Special competence in scientific work, which is usually demonstrated by the quality of a doctorate;
  • Special achievements in the application or development of scientific findings and methods over a five-year period of professional activity, of which at least three years must have been completed outside the higher education sector in a field related to subjects described above.

We are offering

  • An attractive working environment and the opportunity to help shape teaching and research at a high-performing university of applied sciences, as well as to accompany young people on their academic path to their professional careers.
  • Through our networks in the region and beyond, we also open up opportunities for your own research and transfer activities.
  • Recruitment to a civil servant post up to the age of 49 (parental leave, military and community services are taken into account).
  • W2 salary with the possibility to receive vocational, special and / or functional benefits in addition to the basic salary.
  • The Hochschule Niederrhein supports its newly appointed professors and their families with various individual measures to help them get started in our region (e.g. childcare places for under three-year-olds, holiday care).

The Hochschule Niederrhein values and encourages quality through diversity and welcomes applications from women. In the case of equal suitability, competence and professional performance, they are given preferential consideration, unless personal reasons of a competitor prevail.

Applications from suitable candidates with severe disabilities as well as persons of equal status as specified in Article 2 Section 3 SGB IX (Social Code) will be given preferential consideration.

Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application!

Please submit your application with

  • the usual documents (with corresponding certificates),
  • the completed application form (obtainable at,
  • as well as an exposé of past and planned research activities and cooperation concepts within the university
  • as well as a teaching portfolio

to our application portal ( stating the reference code P-08-1_2023 by 10/02/2023 at the latest.

Adress your application to
The president of Hochschule Niederrhein
Reinarzstraße 49
47805 Krefeld

content-related questions

Prof. Dr. Jonas Jasper
BWL, Sales and Marketing

question regarding recruitment

Department of Human Resources Management and Staff Development

Who we are - the Hochschule Niederrhein

The Hochschule Niederrhein is one of the largest and top-performing universities for applied sciences in Germany. We open up perspectives, and with academic training that is geared to the future alongside problem-focused and transfer-oriented research, we ensure that our graduates are in demand on the labour market.

In the German university landscape we are a renowned educational and research institution. With ten faculties, campuses in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach and around 14,500 students, we are an important contact for companies from the region when it comes to research and transfer.

Our approximately 80 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes cover a broad spectrum of subjects and are tailored to the needs of the region. The Krefeld South campus is the seat of the faculties of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical and Process Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Health Care. The faculties of Chemistry and Design are at home at the Krefeld West campus. Mönchengladbach is the seat of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, the largest faculty of the university, as well as the faculties of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences, Applied Social Sciences and Textile and Clothing Technology.

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Numerous advantages

A professorship at the Hochschule Niederrhein offers you numerous advantages which we have summarised for you below.


The Hochschule Niederrhein is committed to the quality of study and teaching. In addition to the content and methods of the various degree programmes, we also include the framework conditions of the programme in our considerations. Our degree programmes are designed to secure the long-term employability of graduates and their ability to assume social responsibility. We regularly think about which key competencies our graduates need to ensure their success on the job market. We therefore work closely with professional practitioners when developing our degree programmes. We teach scientific problem-solving skills, but do not train students for a specific job. We are recognised for our consistent practical and application-oriented teaching. Cooperation with companies is an important factor. Theory and practice during degree programmes are not contradictory but complement one other.

Our group of first-year students has become more heterogeneous. This means that our teaching has to meet high demands. At the same time, the diversity of our students offers great opportunities and potential for teaching. We want to take advantage of this fact with project-oriented, problem-based and research-based learning in differently composed learning groups.


In recent years the Hochschule Niederrhein has made impressive progress in the field of research. This can be attributed to its corresponding appointment policy, the establishment and promotion of cooperative doctoral projects, honing of its research profile and a sustainable financial basis for the in-institutes. We also support outstanding individual scientists, but we particularly want to encourage the formation of alliances and also initiate professorships with fewer teaching hours.

We intend to develop our research priorities accordingly. These are: Functional Surfaces, Applied Health and Nutrition Research, IT and Logistics Concepts, Innovative Product and Process Development, Social and Economic Innovations and Energy Efficiency.

Proximity to cooperation partners

Transfer as a performance dimension is one of the essential profile characteristics of the Hochschule Niederrhein. This transfer enables us to stand out as an innovation driver and think-tank in the region. We provide young people with academic training for their professional activities by involving them in one of the many transfer processes at the university into business, society or politics. In this philosophy, participation in the process as such leads to the actual goal of higher education, to the development of one's own personality, to academic preparation for a profession and to active testing of the methodological and professional skills learned during the degree programmes.

We are a founding member of the University Alliance for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, an association of over twelve universities for applied sciences nationwide, which would like to attract more national attention to our type of university. We form networks with regional institutions and companies. Maintaining these networks includes attendance at numerous events such as a welcoming ceremony for the newly appointed professors, which we traditionally hold together with the IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein. Half of the Advisory Board for Research and Development is made up of representatives of regional companies and is an important channel of communication to the regional economy. The transfer of knowledge to the companies is also backed by a portfolio of scientific continuing training programmes.

Secure job

If the requirements under civil service law are met, the candidate is first appointed as a probationary civil servant, and this contract is usually changed to a life-long civil service contract after a period of twelve months, once the candidate's aptitude has been established.

In the event that the conditions for recruitment under civil service law are not met, the employee is first employed with a fixed-term, employment contract under private law. This will be extended indefinitely once the candidate’s educational aptitude has been ascertained.

If the educational aptitude of a candidate has already been established in a previous position before taking up employment at the Hochschule Niederrhein as a professor, life-long civil servant status or employment within the framework of an unlimited private law employment contract will be granted immediately.

Attractive location

Our Krefeld and Mönchengladbach campuses are located on the left bank of the Lower Rhine, around 20 kilometres apart. With 225,000 (Krefeld) and 260,000 inhabitants (Mönchengladbach) respectively, both are among the major cities in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The NRW state capital Düsseldorf can be reached from both cities within half an hour's drive. The Netherlands can also be reached in just under half an hour by car or train.

Krefeld is a very verdant city and even claims to be the second greenest city in Germany. This is evident with its large number of avenues and public green spaces, several parks and above all the Krefeld city forest, a popular recreational and forest area in the wider area of the city near the centre of Krefeld. The local recreational area of Elfrather See offers many possibilities for water sports and a bathing lake. One of the main attractions is the Krefeld Zoo. It was founded in 1938 and currently accommodates about 1300 animals of 225 different species spread over an area of 13 hectares.

The cityscape of Mönchengladbach is a combination of urban flair and rural charm. The city with its numerous parks and forests is not known as the "Big City in Green” for nothing. Important architectural monuments such as Rheydt Castle and the prestigious Abteiberg Museum as well as an active cabaret and creative scene are typical of the city's cultural offerings. Summer traditions are firmly anchored in society in the Lower Rhine region and also in Mönchengladbach. The Schützenbruderschaften are an important pillar of regional customs. Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Bundesliga football club, enjoys nationwide support from beyond the city limits.

Family and gender-friendly university

Since 2010 the Hochschule Niederrhein has been certified with a “family-friendly higher education audit”. Its priority is to provide opportunities in different areas of activity to create long-term positive framework conditions and provide support for employees and students to help them achieve a healthy balance between work/studies and family commitments. In this respect, existing and well-established initiatives which focus on improving this balance are promoted, and new, requirement-based solutions are developed and tested. The Hochschule also actively advocates equal opportunities and gender-inclusive studying and working conditions.

Paths to a professorship

Unlike at a university, there is no specific path to a professorship at a university of applied sciences. In addition to scientific qualification, the prerequisite for professorship at a university of applied sciences is proof of suitable extramural professional experience. Applicants need references from science and industry. In addition to an ideally above-average doctorate, evidence of scientific publications should also be given. In addition, at least five years' professional experience, including three years outside the university sector, in the relevant fields of work is compulsory. A habilitation is, however, not required.

Didactic training and further education

The Hochschule Niederrhein also offers didactic training and continuing training courses, especially for newly appointed professors. In this way, it helps new arrivals to settle into teaching and supports the development of competence and practice-oriented teaching methods. One of these is university’s own "Arriving in Teaching at the HN” didactic programme. This comprises a basic workshop for teaching in the digitalised world and a university didactics coaching programme. In addition, further university didactic workshops can be attended in the hdw nrw network of universities of applied sciences in NRW.

General conditions of employment, Article 36

  • A university degree;
  • Outstanding skills in scientific fields, proof of which is generally provided by the quality of a doctorate;
  • Special achievements in the application or development of scientific findings and methods during five years of professional activity, of which at least three years must have been spent outside the higher education sector in a field relevant to the subjects mentioned above.

Target groups

Our invitations for applications are aimed at doctoral candidates in business, industry, administration and science who are considering a professorship at a university of applied sciences (HAW).

Information on the appointment procedure

Are you interested in the appointment procedure at the Hochschule Niederrhein? Welcome! Our appointments set the course for the future of the university. We therefore conduct the procedures with the greatest possible care and as a participatory process. Transparent requirements and clearly defined rules are important to us. On this page you will find information that you may need if you are interested in a professorship, would like to apply for a professorship or are currently in an appointment procedure.