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Welcome to our Faculty

The Faculty of Chemistry is located to the west of Krefeld, with its facilities accommodated in the redeveloped and modernised buildings of the former School of Textile Engineering (Frankenring 20) and the former School of Dyeing and Finishing (Adlerstraße 32).

Some 910 students study and work here in small groups, supervised by 23 professors and 31 staff.

The Faculty of Chemistry trains students for career fields requiring an extensive and technological focus.

The studies with their practical orientation give graduates the qualifications they need to be able to enter their professional career immediately. This practical focus is documented even more extensively through the strong range of study opportunities offered in the form of cooperative (dual) engineering education and training as well as the current research and development work done at the faculty.

The faculty offers one of the most extensive ranges of specialisation for universities of applied sciences in Germany, both in the Bachelor's programmes as well as in the Master's programmes.

International Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Michael Dornbusch
Prof. Dr. Michael Dornbusch
Coating Technology

The whole of the Lower Rhine is fully committed to playing an active role in the region by driving research and development forward and engaging in knowledge transfer together with the Hochschule Niederrhein.

The potential scope and range of applied scientific services offered at the HN is truly unique.

The successes achieved in research and innovation, in the many high-profile projects and networks and in the Euregio itself, as well as the growing number of pioneering affiliated and in-house business start-ups confirm the quality of this approach every day, as does the ever-increasing volume of contract research and examples of successful cooperation.

The following provides an initial impression of our institutes and Competence Centres as well as the services they offer.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Prange
Vice-President, Research and Transfer

Prof. Dr. - Ing. Uta Bergstedt
Molecular Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. Ernst Cleve
Prof. Dr. Ernst Cleve
Physics and Computing
Prof. Dr. Michael Dornbusch
Prof. Dr. Michael Dornbusch
Coating Technology
Lecturer with special responsibilities
Prof. Dr. Achim Eickmeier
Prof. Dr. Achim Eickmeier
Physics and Physical Metrology, including Data Processing
Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Graf
Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Graf
Physical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Michael Groteklaes
Coatings Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Lothar Gröschel
Materials Sciences
Physical Chemistry and Mathematics Member of ILOC-Institute
Prof. Dr. Martin Jäger
Dean Instrumental Analysis, Member of ILOC-Institute
Prof. Dr. Georg Krekel
Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Member of ILOC-Institute
Prof. Dr. Michael Lindemann
Organic Chemistry, Member of ILOC-Institute
Prof. Dr. Anna Nickisch-Hartfiel
Biotechnology, Member of ILOC-Institute
Technical Chemistry Member of ILOC-Institute
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schram
Instrumental and Chemical Analysis
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heyko Jürgen Schultz
Chemical Engineering, ILOC-Institute Council
Prof. Dr. Bernd Strehmel
Coatings Chemistry and New Materials, ILOC-Institute Director
Prof. Dr. Veronika Strehmel
Organic Chemistry Member of ILOC-Institute
UAS teaching professorship Biotechnology Member of ILOC-Institute
Prof. Dr. Andrea Wanninger
Organic Chemistry, Member of ILOC-Institute