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The Hochschule Niederrhein does not charge Tuiton fees.

All students - including exchange students - are required to pay a compulsory semester fee (313,38 euros in summer semester 2020) on registering or re-registering for the next semester. The fee includes a contribution to the Student Welfare organisation and the semester ticket.

The benefits of the semester ticket are:

  • free travel on all public transport in North Rhine Westphalia
  • taking along a bicycle
  • taking along another person after seven p.m. and on weekends and holidays


Health Insurance

All students must have health insurance cover. If your health insurance policy from home is not recognised in Germany you will have to take out health insurance here.
Insurance coverage is available for students for about 105 euros per month.

Cost of living

Compared to most of Europe, the cost of living in Germany is not very expensive. For example, the cost of food, accommodation, cultural activities, etc., is equivalent to the EU average.
Please allow for around 850 euros per month to cover accommodation and other living expenses.

Cost of living