Welcome to the Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences


The Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Services in Mönchengladbach is the largest faculty of its kind at German universities of applied sciences and has around 800 students. We offer a comprehensive range of study opportunities with a strong emphasis on the basic natural sciences: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.


Our faculty offers two degree programmes, namely Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Services (Oecotrophologie) and Catering, Tourism and Hospitality Services. The programmes include a two-semester basic study stage and a wide choice of modules, which overlap in terms of subject areas. As from the 3rd semester, the number of optional subjects steadily increases, giving you an opportunity to develop your own personal study profile. Both degree programmes also allow you to choose between a six-semester programme without a practical phase and a seven-semester programme with a full practical semester (internship) or a semester abroad.


To extend your academic training, we also offer a four-semester Master's programme in Nutritional and Food Sciences. Besides a number of identical basic modules, again with a strong focus on the natural sciences, you can opt for one of the fields of study - namely "Nutrition and Health" or "Management of Food Processing" and so can specialise in a subject. You will also be actively integrated into a wide and diverse range of research activities right from the Day 1, in order, especially, to acquire a knowledge of independent scientific working methods, so typical of a Master's programme.

Practical Contacts

We work together with companies and institutions in all of our degree programmes. 23 professors equipped with a wide range of practical contacts and more than 25 staff look forward to receiving your applications.

Exceptional Support

We provide intensive support right from your first academic day and all the way through to your graduation ceremony. Our teaching approach with its many small groups ensures that you can benefit from outstanding support services. Modern, well-equipped laboratories and IT facilities, a wide range of contacts with companies and institutions of all kinds as well as good autodidactic learning opportunities give you every chance of being able to graduate successfully from your programme in quick time.