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How can I finance my studies in Germany?

Even though you do not have to pay tuiton fees at Hochschule Niederrhein you can expect costs for semester contribution, health insurance and other living expenses like food, clothing and books when you study in Germany.

But how to finance these expenses?


The DAAD awards scholarships and grants to foreign students. These study scholarships or research grants must be applied for before you begin your studies.

To find out which programmes are an option for you, please check the Scholarship Database.

Scholarship Database

Earning Money

Many students in Germany work part-time during their studies to earn extra money and gain some experience on the labour market.
International students are also allowed to work in Germany. But there are explicit legal rules regarding how much you may work according to your country of origin.

part-time job rules

Study Completion Grants/Scholarships

The Hochschule Niederrhein is able to award a limited amount of Study Completion Grants/Scholarships within the scope of the STIBET Programme for students from Non-EU countries. The financial resources are provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

These financial resources are additionally complemented by "Matching Funds" co-financed by the Catholic University Community Krefeld and the DAAD.

The Study Completion Grants/Scholarships aim to give international students who have achieved good academic results, but find themselves in a difficult financial situation, assistance in the final phase of their studies.

Amount of funding:
Scholarships/grants of 250 and 500 Euros. Maximum in total: 1.500 Euros

Member of a Non-EU country

  • 70 % of the CP in a Bachelor’s degree programme (126 out of 180 or 147 out of 210), 66 % in a Master’s degree programme
  • Good academic results
  • difficult financial situation (less than 735 Euro per month)

Please hand in your application at least one week before the selection meeting:

  • 15 February
  • 15 April
  • 15 July
  • 15 September
  • 15 October
  • 15 November


Please submit the following documents together at the International Office. Only fully completed application forms can be considered:

  • Antrag Studienabschluss-Stipendium (on the right-hand side, under Downloads – only available in German)
  • Statusbogen/Transcript of records
  • Bank statements for the last three months

After the selection meeting, the International Office will advise you of the result of your application.

DAAD Prize

The Hochschule Niederrhein annually awards the DAAD Prize to a foreign student who has shown particular academic achievements as well as a remarkable social or intercultural commitment. Each faculty can initially nominate a particularly suitable student. The University Executive chooses the Prizewinner.

The Prize of 1,000 Euros is made available to the DAAD from the budget of the Federal Foreign Office.

The faculties will submit their nominations by 15 September.