On this page, you can find a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the aptitude test for the study course "Design Engineer" at the faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology.

These questions do not replace the legally binding regulations of the aptitude test.

In case of doubt, please contact the Examinations Board.


Where can I register for the aptitude test and what are the deadlines?

The exam takes place once a year. For participation an application with the online application form is necessary by 30th April of the respective year.

Upon receipt of the application, we will send you a written invitation with all the important details regarding date, place and organizational procedure.


I already passed an aptitude test at another design college. Is this recognised?

In general, recognition is possible. However, in each individual case the decision about this is made by the examinations commission. Please contact Prof. Schmitt, Chair of the Examination Commission, with a corresponding request and the relevant documents.
Email: design-07@hs-niederrhein.de



What does the day of the aptitude test look like? Do I have to submit folders before or on the day of the examination? What is especially important - what is required?

The aptitude test is held as a one-day examination with different tasks. You don't have to hand in folders - neither before nor on the exam day.
The tools (for example drawing pencils) required and permitted during the test are communicated in advance in the invitation letter.
The examination is carried out separately for the fields of study "Textiles" and "Fashion".
Further detailed explanations can be found here.


I did not pass the aptitude test - what can I do now?

In addition to the fact that you can, as in all examinations, lodge an appeal against the grading (in writing, justified), the aptitude test can be carried out three times each for the fields of study "Fashion" and "Textile". A renewed registration for the next exam is required.



Proof of Identity

Which documents do I have to bring with me on the exam day for legitimation? Is the invitation sufficient proof?

The invitation is not enough! For your legitimation, you must bring an official identity document with a photograph, which is usually the ID card.

What if I do not have identification? Can I take the test "under reserve"?

No! For legal reasons it is not possible to allow you to participate in the examination "under reserve". If you cannot identify yourself, you cannot take the exam! Of course, also a "retest" is not possible.

Retaking the Test

I did not pass the test. When can I retake it? How many dates are offered per year?

Generally, the aptitude test is carried out once a year. The application must be submitted by the end of April of the respective year.



What if I cannot show up on the exam day because I am ill? Do I get the opportunity to retake the test at a later date or can I hand in a folder instead?

To put it bluntly: then you are really unlucky.
There are no "resits" for such cases and also a kind "compensation" howsoever is not possible.

What if I get sick during the exam?

If you go to see a doctor and bring a medical certificate, the attendance is not considered an attempt. Otherwise, the participation counts as a failed attempt!
In both cases you can only retake the aptitude test in the next year.


Identical Tests

Is the aptitude test for the "Textile" field of study the same as the one for the "Fashion" field of study?

No! Parts of the tasks may be the identical, but in any case a separate grading of the examination results will be carried out. It is, therefore, not possible to register for both examination options simultaneously. A later change of the field of study usually requires a re-examination in the particular field.


How and when do I get the results of my aptitude test?

You will be informed about the results of your aptitude test automatically and in writing by the faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology. Please refrain from calling us! We do our best to complete the grading of the tests within a few weeks.


Can I check the results of the aptitude test on the Internet?

No! The results will be communicated to you in writing.


Multiple Applications

Can I register for the aptitude test and at the same time apply for another study course (for example Textile and Clothing Technology)?

Generally, this is possible. An application for another study course is, however, only possible at the student office in Krefeld and cannot be carried together with the registration for the aptitude test at the Dean's Office of the faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology.



How long does a successful aptitude test remain valid?

The regulations in §9 clearly state that a passed aptitude test is usually valid for three subsequent enrollment periods.

Exceptions thereof can only be made in exceptional cases.


Test during the Studies

I heard that if the aptitude test is passed, another test has to be passed after half a year of studying. Is that true?

This is not entirely correct.
Of course, further examinations are to be passed and normally you have three attempts to do so, before being exmatriculated. However, this applies to a large number of examinations and not to one particular "special test".




I registered in Krefeld for the study course Design Engineering and now passed the aptitude test - do I have to register again?

Generally, you cannot enroll without submitting the certificate of the passed aptitude test! If you have already applied for a place to study in the degree programme "Design Engineering" at the student office in Krefeld, the application stays inactive until you submit the above-mentioned certificate. There is no direct transfer of the test results from the faculty to the student office in Krefeld, the results are only communicated to you personally.

The written notification about the results of your aptitude test will be sent automatically by the faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology. Therefore, please refrain from calling us regarding this matter!


Is the registration for the aptitude test sufficient or do I need to register for the study course separately?

To participate in the aptitude test, please register at the Dean's Office of the faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology.
In addition, you must register and enroll at the student office in Krefeld for admission to the study course after you successfully passed the aptitude test.


Changing the Degree Programme

If I passed the aptitude test, can I still change the degree programme later?

Yes! However, existing admission restrictions for other programmes (e.g. Numerus Clausus) have to be observed.