Management of Textile Trade and Technology
Technical Textiles and Trade and Retail

Management of Textile Trade and Technology

Building on the competences acquired in the Bachelor's degree programme, students of the English-taught study course Management of Textile Trade and Technology work on project topics in teams and deal with relevant issues from the industry.

The students are involved in ongoing research projects and can approach complex questions at the research institute of the university. The goal is to promote analytical and networked thinking in order to prepare students for the challenges of a globalized world. Depending on the chosen core study area, the focus is either on personnel and financial management, on supply chain management or on international trade, as well as on special textile technologies.

The Master's degree programme is divided into the two fields of study: Trade and Retail and Technical Textiles. Graduates of this study course can work in leadership positions in textile and clothing companies worldwide.

Technical Textiles
Mahmood Sayal

"It´s a really nice experience to be the part of HSNR. I have enjoyed the multicultural enviornment. Overall its the right choice for Masters in Textiles, the best part is that it´s in English. And you have better job oppertunities after the completion of your studies."

Trade and Retail
Xinyu Song

"During the study at Hochschule Niederrhein, I have spent a great time not only in the profession strengthening but also cultural exchange and integration. The master study broadens my view of the textile world and supplies me with a strong base for the further exploration of the world. In an open-minded atmosphere, you always have the chance for free discussions with professors and classmates from different places. Eventually, the study experience at Hochschule Niederrhein makes me quite an asset for life.”

Technical Textiles
Benjamin Schnabel | M.Sc. | Graduate

Area Sales Manager | Latin America

After my Bachelor studies in Textile and Clothing Management, I continued with the master course in Textile Trade and Technology at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. Specializing myself in Technical Textiles I took the opportunity to do an academic exchange with IPN in Mexico City. There I applied my knowledge from the classes in Germany to a research in the field of finishing of medical textiles. Back in Germany, I finished my Master degree with a thesis topic about coating technology of technical braids.
Today I am Area Sales Manager in BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies, one of the world market leaders in textile finishing machinery. I can combine my textile knowledge with the commercial skills I acquired during my academic career in Hochschule Niederrhein. The international orientation of HSN is what helps me in my everyday work, selling textile machines all around the world.
Summed up a study program in the faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, is what gives you the head-start to get successful in the textile sector.